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What Are AdWords Callout Extensions?

Last month you might have received a notification from Google AdWords. This may have left you wondering what are Google AdWords callout extensions? The simplest way to put it is that Google AdWords callout extensions enable companies to add descriptive text to the main ad copy announcing offers, seasonal specials, free shipping promotions and more. This may sound like just another version of AdWrods sitelinks, but it’s really quite different.  Used together sitelinks and AdWords callout extensions can make your ad really pop and stand out from the competition.  In the ad example below, the line that says “Free quotes – Free consultation – 10 Hours for only $750” is an example of the new callout extension along with the AdWords sitelinks you may already be familiar with.

Which ad would you click on?

[half]LeapGo Marketing Agency
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[/half] [half]LeapGo Marketing Agency
Powerful, awe-inspiring marketing strategies for your small business!
Free quotes – Free consultation – 10 Hours for only $750
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Most likely you’d click on the second ad. Why? Because of what Google AdWords refers to as ad extensions. Ad extensions are designed to call out attention to certain aspects of your business and give people more reasons to click on your ad. There’s a whole list of ad extension variables out there, including app extensions (to advertise app downloads), location extensions (to highlight address), review extensions (to showcase a top review), and sitelink extensions (to list popular landing pages).

The Difference Between Callout and Sitelink Extensions

You’re probably wondering why the new callout extension matters. You’ve already got “callout-style” extensions with sitelinks. They’re short, they’re catchy, and they even let you click. Why do you need the new callouts?

The reason is that callout extensions don’t require links… and that’s a good thing. They don’t need a unique landing page and they don’t require as much effort. They are simply designed to callout specials no matter how big or small. For an ecommerce business that offers free shipping, but doesn’t want a random 300-word landing page describing it, the callout extension makes sense. You can schedule callouts per time and day and can display up to 4 at a time. For example, during the holidays you may want to announce “Hurry, Last Chance” and “25% Off All Purchases”, while after the holidays you may want to use “Free Shipping” and “24/7 Customer Service”. It’s very flexible, with the only restriction a 25-character limit for each callout.

Why Ad Extensions Matter To You

As a business, you literally have a split second to capture eyeballs and get someone interested in clicking on your link. Long sentences don’t always work. Short catchy phrases often do.

That’s what the new callout extensions – and all ad extensions – offer advertisers. Instead of being forced into long-winded ads, the extensions enable businesses to incorporate short, quick, and often clickable bits of information. People see the keywords they’re looking for and make the connection between your business and their needs.

The callout extension is also a great way to reduce your pay-per-click and filter out customers you don’t want to click. If you offer high quality, high-priced products or services, a callout extension listing the “starting at” price will prevent cheapskates from ruining your PPC costs and help you target the right consumer. Sure, you’ll reduce overall clicks, but you’ll also improve conversion rates dramatically.

As with any marketing function, remember to test, test, test! Ad extensions can be very useful, but you won’t know how useful until you’ve tested different extension variables, copy phrases and combinations. There is no such thing as a perfect ad – just an ad that’s better than the previous one!

As Adwords continues to grow and change, keeping up with all the features, bells and whistles can be challenging. I hope I’ve answered the question “what are AdWords callout extensions” but if you need professional AdWords assistance, contact the professionals at LeapGo. We’d be happy to work with you one improving advertisements and show you how lucrative AdWords can be for your business.

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