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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

As a marketer, there’s a good chance that you already follow a few of the top marketing blogs.

There are many out there, but while some blogs can be useful occasionally, others are at the top of their game, not only providing detailed insights into the fast-moving world of digital marketing but pioneering new ideas and innovative concepts that are leading the way.

They should be considered essential reading.

I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. You might not have the time to follow them all, but sign up to receive updates to even a handful of these, and you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the people you want to be listening to when it comes to digital marketing. Not only does he run his fantastic eponymous blog, but he is also behind Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, and QuickSprout, all of which could easily have their own sections in this post.

Each blog takes a slightly different focus, but they’re all good in their own way. For example, Kissmetrics focuses more on testing and analytics, and it bases a lot of its blogs on detailed findings from experiments.

Follow them all and stay up to date on the very latest in the world of digital marketing.


  1. Convince & Convert

This huge site is more than just a blog, but the blog alone makes it worth a visit. Jay Baer is in charge, and he’s accompanied by a top team of marketing advisors who provide regular updates on insights into improving your overall digital marketing strategy.


  1. Marketing Land

One of the best blogs for marketing news, views, and breaking stories, MarketingLand is updated every day and keeps you up to date with all the latest trends and goings-on in the industry. In addition, you’ll find tips and advice that you can use to create your own strategies, and informative posts written by specialists in the field.


  1. The Moz Blog

For anyone who’s ever done any SEO (most people reading this, then), Moz needs no introduction. But have you ever read the blog? It’s one of the best on the internet.

The main focus is, unsurprisingly, SEO. Here you’ll find all the latest and breaking news. As soon as Google tweaks its algorithm, you’ll find out about it first on Moz.

But despite the amount of depth it goes into, it remains accessible no matter what your level. It provides genuine value and is packed full of actionable insights. The regular “Whiteboard Friday” video feature has been going for years and is well worth checking each week.


  1. PSFK

PSFK is a great blog packed full of analysis of marketing campaigns, deep insights, and tech and gadget news. The posts are focused on engaging topics that ask intelligent questions, and it’s always focused on the latest insights. You’ll also find useful trend reports you can download.


  1. Content Marketing Institute

The CMI blog is essential reading for anyone involved in any kind of content marketing. Most digital marketers do at least some content marketing, and here you can find out all about the latest in how you can get the most from your content.

Packed full of trends, best practices, tips, advice, and strategies, this shows how content fits into the overall picture. You’ll also find lots of downloadable resources containing the latest content marketing research, and there’s a huge amount of information on the site that will keep you busy.


  1. Econsultancy

Econsultancy is a huge site covering everything to do with digital marketing. Here you’ll find practical tips and advice on how to market better online, best practices, news, and more. It’s always got the latest on trends and innovations, and it’s got advice you can use no matter what your niche.


  1. Social Media Examiner

For social media news, updates, tips, and more, this is the site to visit. It all the main social networks including details on the latest developments, paid social, and everything you need to develop a better social strategy.

Find interviews with experts, detailed case studies, industry research, reviews, free industry reports, and an excellent daily newsletter. In short, it’s the place to go for anything related to social media.


  1. Emma

Emma provides an email marketing product, and its blog is focused on all things email. It may not be as well-known as some of the larger email service providers, but its blog is at the top of the game.

The blog posts go into a great deal of detail with their tips and strategies to run a more successful email campaign. And with the incredibly useful email reviews so you can see what a successful email campaign looks like and use the samples as inspiration. Its friendly tone and accessible content make it an essential blog to add to the list.


  1. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the biggest and best landing page tools, and it also has a detailed blog providing tips, advice, insights, reviews, reports, and more on everything CRO. If you want to increase conversions, the Unbounce blog is one of the places you have to visit regularly.

The excellent landing page critiques will show you everything you need to create a winning landing page, and these alone make it worth a visit.


  1. PPC Hero

As the title suggests, this is the place for all things PPC. Packed full of professional insights that are nevertheless easy to digest, PPC Hero is a useful resource for beginners and pros alike.

Find out the latest trends, useful tips like how to use Excel shortcuts, and detailed insights such as information on the future of PPC and machine learning. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants the lowdown on the world of PPC.


  1. PR Daily News

PR Daily News is where you will find out all the latest industry news, stories, and latest information on the world of PR and communication so you can stay on top of everything. As well as PR, it also looks at trends, techniques, and the latest marketing tools.


  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a real beast, packed full of information and updated all the time to ensure there is more here than you could ever realistically hope to get through. Divided into a marketing blog and a sales blog, choose your area and then read case studies, experiments, the latest news, tips like how to write faster, and round-ups like the social media news round-ups for the month.


  1. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is one of the biggest and best copywriting and content writing sites out there. Brian Clark is the founder and one of the foremost experts on all things content marketing. Read through the huge library of downloadable resources, then stay up to date with the regular detailed blog posts all relating to content marketing in some way. If you want to know the latest strategies that work today, this is the place to go.


Others to Check Out

These are some of the best digital marketing blogs out there, but there are too many great blogs to add to the list. You should also take a look at:



Visit the blogs, read a few posts, and add them to your RSS or sign up for emails if you want to follow what they say.

It’s so important to stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing trends and techniques, so make reading a few blog posts from these blogs a regular part of your day.

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Jason Corgiat
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