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I get a lot of marketing email, lots of “tips and tricks”, and tons of “how to’s”.  Most of them are garbage, or worse yet, are recycled versions of what’s been out there for years.  But, every so often I get something not only worth reading, but worth sharing.  Below is a link one of those pieces of content.

B2C Marketers – as you send more email, embrace some of these tactics and see if you can drive up open rates to an all-time high.  There is plenty of content about list segmentations, etc but if you don’t have a killer, high converting email subject line, it’s all for nothing.

B2B Marketers – I’m sharing this with you because one of your goals should be to help rejuvenate and reinvent the B2B side of the business.  I know a big part of B2B sales is sending frequent, personal communication (and trying to get a response).  The tips below are not just for emails sent to multiple recipients or lists.  They are extremely relevant for personal sales emails as well.  As a buyer, would you be more likely to open an email with the subject line “following up” or “3 more days until the special pricing is gone forever”? 😊 

Lastly, there’s a CTA to get “free templates” in this article.  I already did that and made them available for you both here, in the event you’re a bit nervous about giving your email to yet another marketing company. (I can attest that sumo typically has pretty great marketing content, however!) – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwsf7M1XpJ1laThZTzIzdWxiSU0. 😊

Please share this article with anyone you feel it might benefit.

Read the Sumo.com article: 13 Insanely Clickable Email Subject Line Examples