Conversion rate optimization is all about getting your visitors to take a specific action when they land on your site or landing page.

While SEO focuses on driving targeted traffic, CRO is concerned with getting those visitors to perform the action you want them to, like:

  • signing up for your email list
  • signing up for a free trial
  • purchasing a product in your store

It’s a large and complex topic incorporating web design, copywriting, and ongoing testing to find the right combination that gets the best results.

One thing CRO often requires is the use of specialist tools. Whether for headlines, copy, design, CTAs, testing, or sign-ups, there are lots of areas involved where tools can help you maximize your results.

If you run your site on WordPress, you have access to a huge selection of plugins that you can use to optimize your website effectively. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites.

  1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the most popular WordPress plugin for creating advanced forms that you can use for any purpose, from a basic contact form to a persuasive sign-up form to collect leads—which is exactly what you’ll be doing to improve your CRO.

This is a premium plugin, so there is a cost, but it’s certainly worth it. You can use the plugin to create forms for almost anything. A well-designed form is important for increasing conversions, and you can customize it exactly how you want to for any campaign.

On top of that, it has full integration with email marketing platforms, and you can also integrate with other third-party services like PayPal. All in all, it’s well worth trying out.

Download the Gravity Forms plugin

  1. InTrigger

You can use the InTrigger plugin to insert floating bars or forms on your WordPress website for a range of different scenarios including lead generation and conversions.

It’s more focused on generating sign-ups from blog posts, and it uses various “Scenarios” like the “Keep Reading Scenario,” so when someone has read a couple of blogs, you can ask them to sign up to read more.

It also allows you to use advanced targeting based on the number of pages they have visited, how long they spent on your page, and more.

Download the InTrigger plugin

  1. KingSumo Headlines

Good sales copy is essential for conversion rate optimization, and no element of the copy is more important than the headline.

Headlines are what capture attention, engage the prospect from the off, and get them to read on to find out more. Lose them at the headline, and you’ve lost them for good. So it makes sense to get it right—and there are plugins that can help you with that.

One of which is KingSumo Headlines. This premium plugin allows you to test a range of headlines. It works by displaying different headlines to visitors, and it then chooses a winner. So you can find out which headlines generate the most traffic.

It’s primarily for blog posts and social posts, and it’s a great tool to help you work out what goes into effective headlines by giving you more of an idea about what works so you can use headlines that you know your audience engage with.

Download the KingSumo Headlines plugin

  1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is, as the name suggests, all about lead generation. This is one of the best plugins available for building your mailing list.

It provides a wide range of optin forms along with a simple drag-and-drop editor, and it provides excellent targeting options, allowing you to target based on page, post, and more.

It also comes with an A/B testing feature, detailed reporting, and everything you need to maximize your lead generation.

Download the Thrive Leads plugin

  1. WordPress Landing Pages

When it comes to effective WordPress design, creating powerful landing pages is not always easy. But WordPress Landing Pages is a plugin that simplifies the creation of landing pages right within WordPress without the need to use a third-party website like Unbounce.

You can use the plugin to set up your landing page, test variations, and generate leads—all for free. You can also buy the premium suite for extra functions like running A/B tests and multivariate tests, tracking conversion rates, creating custom designs, and pre-populating forms to speed up the process and get more leads.

Download the WordPress Landing Pages plugin

  1. Optimize Press

Optimize Press is one of the most popular landing page plugins for WordPress. It has its own WordPress theme, but it also has a separate plugin that you can use to create landing pages directly from within WordPress on your current theme.

The Page Builder provides you with an easy way to create your landing pages, and it also comes with plenty of templates to give you a good starting point.

Download the Optimize Press plugin

  1. Icegram

This comprehensive plugin is a great option for lead generation. It provides you with a range of options for generating leads, including a selection of popups, slide-in messengers, calls to action, and a welcome bar.

It’s very easy to use, and it’s even free, making it a great multi-purpose tool for any WordPress site.

Download the Icegram plugin

  1. Coming Soon by SeedProd

When you are launching a new product or service, it’s a good idea to build buzz before the launch. One way to do that is with a “Coming Soon” page that you can use to generate leads and build your launch list.

Coming Soon by SeedProd is one of the best tools for setting up a “Coming Soon” page. It turns your web page into a landing page so you can start sending people to your website before the launch and collect email addresses. You can even include a “countdown to launch” feature and integrate social sharing to build buzz.

Download the Coming Soon by SeedProd plugin

  1. AB Press Optimizer

A/B split testing is an important part of CRO, and this plugin allows you to run a variety of split tests directly from your dashboard. With the free version, you can test any text element, and it’s as easy as filling out the fields.

There is also a paid version that comes with many more options so you can also test images, buttons, forms, and more. You can run unlimited tests for no monthly fee, making it a useful plugin to add to your site.

Download the AB Press Optimizer plugin

  1. WordPress Calls to Action

This is another useful plugin that, as the name suggests, enables you to create a call to action on your WordPress site and monitor the conversion rates. You can easily set it up to run A/B split tests or multivariate tests to maximize lead generation, and you can also use the visual editor to see changes as you make them.

Download the WordPress Calls to Action plugin

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is another very popular lead-generation tool that you can use to create email forms on your site that are optimized to maximize conversions.

You can choose from a range of forms including slide-in, floating bar, popup, etc, and you can also target specific pages on your site. Choose from over 65 form templates, and display personalized messages based on the behavior of visitors to improve your targeting. Overall, it’s a very powerful plugin for getting more leads.

Download the OptinMonster plugin

  1. Nelio A/B Testing

This A/B testing tool requires a monthly fee, but it is a great option for any kind of testing on your WordPress site. Use it to define your A/B experiments and keep track of your results, and it also combines with heatmaps.

It’s compatible with WooCommerce, and you can use it to test various options for your products including the names, descriptions, images, and more. You can also access everything from the WordPress dashboard.

Download the Nelio A/B Testing plugin

  1. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics is essential for most websites. It allows you to find out where your visitors are coming from and how they behave on your website, which helps you to make important marketing decisions. This plugin makes it easy to integrate it into your site.

You can view Google Analytics reports from within your dashboard and get real-time stats, and it is very easy to set up, making it a great option for any WordPress user.

Download the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin

Take Your CRO to the Next Level

These are all fantastic plugins that all have their strengths. Obviously, you won’t need them all because there is a lot of crossover. But we’d recommend trying them out on your WordPress site. Some of them you will fall in love with and you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

In general, they are all amazing tools that can make a serious impact on your bottom line, so try them out yourself.

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