Are landing page videos worth it? Like everything with landing pages, it all depends.

Sometimes videos on your landing pages may be able to boost conversions; other times they won’t. As always, you’ll have to test them out to know for certain in your situation.

But they are certainly worth testing, and videos could well help to boost your conversion rate optimization.

Potential Benefits of Using Videos on Your Landing Pages

Unbounce is a big fan of videos on landing pages, and it states that you should use videos “whenever possible.”

You could enjoy many potential benefits from using videos on your landing pages, including:

  • Increase trust—By showing yourself or other staff at your business in the video, you will be showing visitors that you are real people. Visitors will often not know who you are when they land on your page, but by showing your face and letting them hear you speak, this will increase trust. (And you know how important trust elements are on landing pages.)
  • Increase interaction—You could increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your landing page by using a video. They may not be keen to read through lots of information, but you can get a lot of info across in a very short space of time with a video, encouraging them to hang around for longer.
  • Clarify confusing information—Often a video can make it a lot clearer how to use your product or service. Instructions that are complicated in text form can be simplified in a video, which can make your proposition more compelling.
  • More memorable—People are more likely to remember a video, especially a humorous one, and this is good for brand awareness, potentially leading to future business even if visitors don’t convert.
  • More shares—People like to share videos, and if your video goes viral it could help to drive more traffic to your landing page.

Making the Most of Your Videos

So videos can certainly be beneficial on landing pages. But they are going to be a lot more effective if you stick to a few proven strategies. In fact, a bad video could well hurt your conversions.

Here are a few ways to get more from your videos:

  • Use video testimonials—These will make your testimonials more genuine and more trustworthy. People will always trust testimonials more when it’s clear that the customer is a real person, and videos make testimonials more compelling.
  • Make it entertaining—Put real effort into your video to make it engaging. It should be quick and well edited to avoid boring viewers while promoting your product.
  • Don’t auto-play—To start with, allow visitors to play the video on their own. Auto-play can be annoying, especially if it is not muted. However, you could always test using auto-play to see how much effect it has on conversions.
  • Use a CTA—As with any type of sales copy, add a call to action during the video. You can mention in the video to fill out the form, or you can point to where the form is on the landing page. You could highlight the CTA throughout the video, or just flash it up on the screen at the end. Experiment to find out what works best.
  • Keep it fairly short—There are no rules on length, but start by making it fairly short, even as short as 30 seconds or so. You may want to use a longer video for a more complex offer, but in general you don’t want to make it too long.
  • Make the quality high—Don’t use a low-quality video, which could hurt your conversions by looking like you don’t take it seriously.

Examples of Good Landing Page Videos

Want to see some companies that have done their landing page videos well? Check out these links to get inspiration from 20 landing pages:

What About Video Backgrounds?

Video backgrounds are another feature that you can add to your landing pages. While they are not particularly new to websites, they are not usually used so much on landing pages.

So could you use one?

In general, it’s not a great idea. Although they can look stunning, they can also be distracting—and the whole point of a landing page is to keep it simple and focus on the conversion. This is especially true when the offer is more complex.

In addition to being potentially distracting, they can also lead to slower loading times, which is a big problem when it comes to conversions.

That being said, there is no harm in trying. If you do use a video background, try to avoid too many distractions, and always make sure the conversion is the main focus. Also turn off audio, which can be very distracting for visitors.

In short, make sure the video adds value to the page and assists with the overall goal rather than distracting from it.

Use Videos in Your Landing Pages

Videos can play an important role in boosting conversions on your landing pages. If you haven’t used them yet, perhaps it’s time to try them out. And if you are already using videos, what could you be doing to improve them?

Did you know?

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