We are delighted to report that one of our clients, SISU Guard, has won a design award from BigCommerce!

You’re probably not a stranger to BigCommerce. As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, it is used by thousands of businesses large and small all over the world.

Many of our clients run their websites on the platform (and we love it here at LeapGo!). In fact, we recently wrote about some tips for getting the most out of it and other similar platforms—check them out here.

Who Is SISU Guard?

SISU Guard makes some of the most innovative mouthguards in the business. Incorporating ground-breaking technology, it designs and manufactures mouthguard that provide enhanced protection without getting in the way of performance.

It has a range of mouthguards for team sports, high-impact sports, and youth sports, and its products are known for their strength, comfort, and hygiene.

But as well as having excellent products, SISU has put a huge amount of work into its website, with the help of the LeapGo team. And it is this that was recently recognized by BigCommerce.

The Award

Bigcommerce Design Award

BigCommerce announced this competition as a way to showcase the best design on its platform. It claims that 20% of online shoppers who abandon carts or don’t check out cite bad navigation and bad design as their reasons.

[Tweet “In short: Bad website design could be costing you big.”]

Online storefronts are not just digital checkouts any more. Times have changed, and digital stores must now provide unique online experiences that are superior to the competition.

They need to sell the values of the brand as well as the products, which is a role that used to be carried out by media.

BigCommerce wanted to showcase the most innovative online storefronts that not only looked great but also drove conversions and engagement. It searched for brands that challenge the traditional shopping cart idea and that also provide high-quality content to encourage customers to return.

The award was judged by an expert panel including Mike Morello from Inc. Magazine, Josh Bisch from Uber, and Andrea Wagner, who is head of design at BigCommerce.

SISU Guard entered the competition—and won the Sports Category!

Sassa Akervall, the CEO of SISU Guard, was delighted to get recognition from BigCommerce, and that’s no surprise. It is a HUGE achievement seeing as there are so many websites hosted on BigCommerce.

You can find out more about the prize at the BigCommerce page here and read 6 Easy Steps to an Award Winning Website by SISU Guard.

How We Helped SISU Guard

We were excited to start working with SISU Guard when they approached us. They were looking to hire an agency that was flexible and innovative—so we knew we’d be a good fit.

They had used another agency in the past, but they had found the experience disappointing due to poor communication, lack of accountability, lack of accuracy, and other problems.

When they came to us, they had already set up their website on BigCommerce, and they needed a team with proven expertise in the platform to act quickly.

They wanted an agency that was fast, responded quickly, and would help them to implement key changes to improve the usability and navigation of their website.

However, they did not want to start with a big commitment, so they decided to use our Flex Blocks service. This allowed them to start off small and grow over time.

We improved the blog to make it more user-friendly, and we also found that a number of statistics tracking and retargeting scripts were not implemented correctly, so we fixed these.

Overall, we improved conversion rates, and we now work in a close partnership, helping them to achieve even more.

We are absolutely delighted that they have been awarded this recognition form BigCommerce!

Read more about our relationship with SISU Guard in our case study here.

Design Makes the Difference

Is your website working as well as it should be? Do you provide a unique and innovative shopping experience on your website?

We can help you just like we helped SISU Guard.

Whether you use BigCommerce or another e-commerce platform, we would love to work with you to improve the design, navigation, and UX of your e-store.

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