Videos can be a powerful addition to any landing page if you want to boost your conversions. But just adding a video is not enough—it needs to be the right sort of video. So what’s involved in creating a video that gets the best results? Here are a few of the things we know that you can use in your own landing pages.

Why Use Videos at All?

First of all, it’s worth reiterating the point that videos really can be well worth the time and effort it takes to put them together. Time-pressed marketers like yourself may take a bit of convincing, but the benefits have been known for a while now. Let’s start with the most important: More conversions. The end goal of any landing page is usually to increase conversions. And according to EyeView Digital, videos can boost conversions by a whopping 80%.

Now that’s not saying videos will always get more conversions. It depends on many other factors. But the fact that the potential is there for a big conversion boost makes them well worth testing on your own landing pages. Another benefit? They increase the amount of time your visitors stay on the page. And in general, the longer your visitors stay on the page, the more likely they are to convert. Videos can encourage people to hang around that little bit longer, and that gives you more time for you to get your message across.

Videos are also easy to watch. They are passive, they don’t require any work on the viewer’s part. And we are all inherently lazy, which makes video a great option.Trust is another good reason. Conversions and sales are all about getting your prospects to trust you; that’s why you write in a personal voice in emails and sales letters. But when your prospects see you and hear you in a video, this can give their trust levels a boost. They know you are a real person, and if you come across as likable then that’s only going to help. OK, so these are the main benefits of videos. So how should you go about hitting a conversion home run with your landing page videos?

Best Practice for Landing Page Videos

So videos are great. We know that now. But if you want your videos to have a positive effect on your conversions, here are a few recommendations.

Keep It Short (But Test Longer Versions)

Which are better, long or short videos? The long vs short video debate is similar to the long vs short copy debate. And the answer is also the same: It depends. Some products that are more complicated or more expensive may do better with a longer video whereas simple lead generation may require a shorter video. If you do want to test longer versions, don’t make it too long. (And if it is long, let the viewer see how long the video carries on for—otherwise they may think it is longer than it is, become frustrated, and leave.)

Autoplay—Don’t Use It

Autoplay is generally not a great idea. You know how annoying it is when you land on a page and the video starts playing, especially if you forgot to turn your volume down after watching that movie. It is an interruption. It forces itself into your prospect’s life without asking. Sites like Facebook use autoplay on mute, which is far less annoying, so you might want to try that instead. But it’s worth remembering that pop ups are also annoying, and yet many companies still use them because of the conversion boost they provide. So this is one where you have to experiment. Is autoplay worth it for your brand image if you end up annoying people? What if you end up making more conversions because of it?

Focus on the Viewer’s Needs

Unbounce highlights this as one of its main video landing page mistakes: Failing to educate the viewer. The danger comes from just trying to convert your visitors rather than actually focusing on their needs. When you just try to get a conversion, the video will become about you and your product rather than the needs of your prospects. So when you create your video, always go into it thinking about how you can provide value to the viewer.

Use a Video CTA

Landing pages are all about the CTA. And encouraging the prospect to perform the desired action should also be part of the video. But where should you use it? You could keep the CTA on the screen throughout the video, or you might want to just add one at the end. Alternatively, try using one at strategic moments. Then test them all.

Make It Professional

You don’t need your video to be a masterpiece, but at least make it look professional by using the right gear or getting an expert to help you. Write a script as well. This will make a big difference. Keep the language natural and friendly, but a script will provide you with more guidance.

Position It Above the Fold

Again, this is not a rule but just best practice. When people land on the page and see immediately that there is a video to watch, this could encourage them to hang around and check it out. So position it above the fold on your control and see how results go.

Use Directional Cues

Directional cues can be used in your videos just like they can in the design of your landing page. If your conversion is to fill in a form, use a person in the video pointing towards the form. In videos, you also have the option to instruct the viewer with voice. Or you could feature the landing page in the video and display the mouse clicking on the CTA to provide viewers with a clear guide to what to do.

Keep It Simple

Just like the most effective landing pages, videos work best when they are simple, uncluttered, and uncomplicated. You could feature a person speaking or demonstrating a product or a simple animation. There is no need to be too complex, and you don’t want to confuse or bore the viewer. Anything can be made simple, even if you are marketing a complex product, so try to get your message across simply.

What Do Good Landing Page Videos Look Like?

There are many places online where you can see some good (and not so good) video landing pages. I’d recommend checking out the following resources to get a good idea of some that have proven to be effective:

Make a Video and Test It Out

If you haven’t yet used video on your landing pages, give it a try. If you have, but you have not got the results you expected, might you have made a few mistakes that killed your conversions? Watch the videos that have worked for companies, analyze your own landing pages, and work out where you could insert an effective video. Then sit back and test the results as they come in.

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