Building value and trust in your brand is a challenge for any company, but it is essential—especially when it comes to online marketing. Getting customers to like and trust you will help to persuade more people to buy your products and services. A strong brand leads to more credibility, a better reputation, and greater awareness—and these all help with your marketing. So how do you set about increasing value and trust in your brand?

1. Create Content that Matters

It all starts with content. When people start their search for a product or service, you want them to come across your content in a range of places online—but it has to be content that provides them with genuine value.

Thought leadership is a phrase that you might have heard a lot about already. This is the type of content that demonstrates you are a leader in your field, and as such is a voice that people can trust. This is the type of content you want to be generating on a regular basis. Just think, if a prospective customer keeps on coming across your content and keeps on getting value from it, their estimation of your business is going to go up. They are going to trust you more, and they are going to see more value in your brand. Focus on creating the content that your targets and customers are looking for, which may involve researching what they want. Then speak to them in their language. Provide them with the answers they seek, the information they need, all without selling to them.

Get published in respected blogs and websites in your industry. By publishing high-value content on such a site—and hopefully multiple sites—you are making it clear that those sites trust you enough to provide you with a platform, and this is going to rub off on your customers. Think about this when you share content on social media, which is the perfect place to communicate thought leadership. Use Twitter and Facebook as channels to comment on important issues, create and link to content that teaches and entertains, and communicate your expertise. This is all going to show that you are a company that they can trust and that provides value.

2. Get a Conversation Going with Emails

Social media, blogs, and content published elsewhere are all great ways to build trust and value. But email is special. Email is powerful, and it provides you with a way to speak one-on-one with your customers. Most people use one email address, and they keep it for years and rarely change it. They check it regularly on their phones and computers, and they use it as their sign-up info for countless online accounts and services. And once you have it, you can send targeted content to them directly.

Once you have collected an email address using a lead magnet, you can send content specifically targeted to that subscriber, and this is the ideal way to provide value. Segment your lists according to where they sign up and the actions they take on your site, then send them valuable content that is targeted to them and unique to your email list. Make them feel special. Encourage them to reply to your emails, and get back to them when they do. Ask for their opinions. Send exclusive offers just for them. Speak to them in a personal tone of voice that builds trust. Email is so important that if you have not focused on it yet, starting your own list is a no-brainer.

3. Have a Website that Your Visitors Love

Your website is the hub of your online presence, the center of everything. And there is a lot that you can do here to delight your visitors in order to increase trust and value in your brand, including:

  • Make it fast. Fast sites are more user-friendly, and sites that are more user-friendly show that you care about the user experience.
  • Make it easy to navigate. Help visitors out by making it super easy to get where they want to go.
  • Make it easy to contact you. Provide instant chat so visitors can contact you how they want to, and make an effort to provide them with exceptional customer service.
  • Make sure it looks great on mobiles too. A responsive design should be considered essential, and again it shows you care about the user experience.
  • Use social proof. Testimonials and endorsements are big trust builders, as are security badges, and associations to which you belong.

Build Trust & Value in Everything You Do

The three areas above are just the start. The truth is that you can build trust and value in absolutely everything you do as a business. You could work on increasing your online reviews, for example. People will read them and they will be affected by them, and lots of positive reviews will work wonders for your trust levels.

Think carefully about the type of language you use on all your platforms. Speak in the language that your customers speak to instantly show you are on their level. Share your customers’ concerns. Do your customers care about the environment? Ethical issues? Are they committed to high quality or low prices? Show that you care too.

Building trust and value in your brand—and maintaining it—requires constant effort. But it is essential if you want to reap the benefits. So how could you improve trust and value in your brand? Could you start by improving your website? Putting more effort into your social media presence? Segmenting your email lists to provide more targeted content?Analyze all the areas of your business and see where you can improve.

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Published On: May 17th, 2016 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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