A successful inbound marketing strategy performs four basic functions: attracting prospects, converting them into leads, converting the leads into sales, and reinforcing customer loyalty. Anything that supports that process can be a major ingredient in your inbound success – including your website design. Let’s look at some examples of how a better business website design can result in more leads for your company.

Conversion-Oriented Business Website Design

A properly designed website not only generates traffic, but it also converts that traffic into a loyal customer base. How can the look and feel of your website make such an enormous difference? Keep in mind that visitors want to see certain things that reassure them of your professionalism. Developing a consistent website layout using your company colors, logo, and font family signals to your audience that you’re a legitimate organization staffed and operated by experts who care about their image. (You’d be surprised how many thoroughly reputable businesses never bother with this fundamental step!)

The Value of Landing Pages

Effective landing pages play another important role in the inbound marketing conversion process. Let’s say you’re posting regular blog articles that provide helpful tips for addressing a particular need – one that your business can solve with its great new product. In your posts, you include a call to action: “Click here to learn how we can help.” That link should direct the intrigued reader to a landing page promoting the product in question and telling the viewer how to buy it. From there, you can funnel them to the CRM stage and close the sale.

A landing page is the perfect place to present your exciting solutions.

A landing page is the perfect place to present your exciting solutions.

If that’s the goal of a landing page, then what makes for an effective one? Of course you want it to represent your brand in terms of look and feel. But you should also design the cleanest, most content-oriented page you can, since this is the place where the sales pitch does its thing. Intersperse frequent bold headers that promise value, and sprinkle in some trust badges (logos of big-name business partners or endorsements) where appropriate. Make sure your landing page, like every other page on the site, is mobile-friendly by self-adjusting to different screen sizes (what’s known as a responsive webpage).

Last but not least, personalize your landing pages by creating slightly different versions for different audiences. If your reader is arriving from a PPC ad or a link in a tweet, he may need more educating and/or a harder sell than if he were coming to you from an in-depth article on your blog.

Interweaving Content and Design

Content is still king, and the ideal business website design showcases that content instead of distracting from it or overwhelming it. That’s one reason responsive websites matter so much in modern digital marketing. By coding your page so that your design shrinks and remodels itself in response to small mobile screens, you can ensure that your content still gets its message across within a more mobile-friendly layout.

Strong content wins loyalty, so make sure your design enhances it.

Strong content wins loyalty, so make sure your design enhances it.

Have your content producers and your design team work closely together from initial concept to final result. This helps writers tool their content to support a graceful-looking page, while the designers will have a better idea of the core concepts, tone, voice, and writing style their design needs to accommodate. The finished website is a powerful unified statement that entices the viewer to learn more, make contact, or make a purchase. Additionally, easy-on-the-eyes content will give your readers more reason to keep coming back for more of that fabulous information – the “customer loyalty” phase of inbound marketing.

Never underestimate the effect your website design has on your inbound marketing efforts. From making a more attractive initial impression and imprinting your brand on the viewer’s consciousness to providing a powerful sales push, a great website design is great for business! Download LeapGo’s free whitepaper to learn more about effective business website design today!

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