On the surface everything looks great. Your website is loaded with useful information. Plenty of traffic is coming to your homepage. And you’re confident about your products and/or services.

Yet no one seems to be buying, let alone visiting the pages you really want them to see. People leave your website as quickly as they come. You’re surprised, because you think everything looks great… or does it?

It’s time to take your head out of your… sandpit. You’ve become so immersed in your own website that you’re unable to see the problems. You need an objective opinion. You need a content audit.

The purpose of a content audit

A content audit is exactly how it sounds: it’s an audit or evaluation of all your website content elements, including copy, imagery, pages, structure, and more. It often begins high-level (from the site map level) and becomes more granular as you lay out the content for each page. Audits provide a completely different perspective on your website which is crucial when you can’t see the problem right away.

What are some of the major issues you can uncover in a content audit?

  • Information overload, or lack thereof – First impressions are everything, which is why your homepage needs to be attractive, helpful and user-friendly all within the first few seconds of engagement. Too much information, like showcasing 300 products, or lack of information, like not making it obvious what you sell, will turn people away.
  • Wrong keywords – What do your customers call your product and how do they search for it? If you aren’t using the right keywords, you may be missing out on major traffic or attracting the wrong crowd.
  • Poor navigation – Your navigation menu is the fastest way to get people through your website with ease… and also the fastest way to lose people. Having too many menus, an odd setup, or poor usability can be detrimental.
  • Misaligned product listings – Are your customers struggling to find your top products? Maybe it’s because you list them under categories that are obvious to you, but not anyone else. Products need to be easy to find or else customers will jump ship to a better organized website.
  • Poor e-commerce checkout – If the checkout process is too slow, too difficult, or has too many steps, such as a cumbersome registration or survey questions, you’re going to lose people throughout the process.
  • Better competitors – Customers aren’t going to stick around for long if your competitor does it better. A content audit also means looking at best practices from around the industry to see what other websites are doing well and then making sure your website does it better.

Look outward, not inward

So who should conduct your content audit? Your first instinct might be you, but when your business is on the line that’s not always the best option. You have to treat your website like you treat other serious issues in life. For example, when it comes to medical matters, you often seek a second opinion from a doctor other than your primary physician. Doesn’t your business website deserve a second opinion too? Just like your primary physician, your first opinion may be blinded by standard routine, bias, or lack of knowledge. A second opinion from an outside observer can help you find out what’s really wrong with your website.

We suggest three options:

  • Ask your customers – One of the simplest and easiest ways to get an objective opinion is to ask your customers for feedback. You can use interstitial popup boxes, email surveys and polls, or make a feedback form available. Your customers will not be shy and will be happy to tell you what’s wrong.
  • Try usertesting.com – This online service is a fantastic way to get customer feedback on the way your website works. You can watch videos of people browsing, clicking and digesting your website information and take a look at other great resources on offer.
  • Hire a digital marketing agency – Agencies are experts when it comes to marketing your website and will either conduct content audits or dig through your data to identify problems and turn around your website. At LeapGo, we often employ content audits as our first course of action to make sure your website has everything in place to be successful.

Content audits can really turn around your business website and increase your conversions dramatically. For some of you, your content audit results may show that a complete website redesign is required. If that’s the case, make sure you put together the perfect plan for redesigning your website. At LeapGo, we always put quality content at the core of our website development, so definitely reach out to us if you’re looking for professional assistance.


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Published On: January 13th, 2015 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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