You just spent a week creating the ultimate content piece to share with your customers. You think it’s amazing. But will your audience think the same? You can’t really tell until you’ve taken a step back and confronted your piece as an objective bystander.

Any good content creator will review his or her work with scrutiny before sharing. The questions listed here will help you come to the conclusion on how good your content really is.

Do my customers need this?

The number one most important aspect of any marketing campaign is your audience. Will your content answer their questions? Is it the right season? Will it add value to a phase in their purchasing lifecycle? If you didn’t confirm all this before you started writing, then what was the point of creating it?

Does it say something new, unique, or compelling?

Regurgitation is the worst. If your customers have heard it before, they don’t need to hear it again. And if they do need to hear it again, then do it differently so they actually pay attention this time. Have they read all about it in white papers and blogs? Say it again using imagery and statistics in an Infographic.

Is it free of grammatical and spelling errors?

This is so important. Don’t get me wrong – nobody is perfect and a small error here or there is okay. But if you’re constantly misspelling a word, using the wrong “their/there/they’re” too many times, or writing with obvious broken English (or any language for that matter), then you sound like an idiot. No one wants to share the work of an idiot, except for a laugh. Always use spell-check. Always use a native language writer. Always have someone double-check your work before you post it.

Is it well organized with a good flow?

If someone can’t follow what you’re saying, then you’ve already lost him or her. It doesn’t matter how good the content is, it has to be easy to swallow or grasp. Avoid run-on sentences. Use sub-titles to break up long sections. Apply bullet points where possible.   Organization is key.

Is it void of buzzwords and industry jargon?

You might think you sound intelligent by including buzzwords and jargon, like “thought leader”, “core competency” and “level playing field”, but it portrays to the reader that you’re trying too hard, untruthful, or insecure. Be straightforward and to the point. If there’s a simpler way to write something, write it that way.

Do I have the proper tone?

It’s so easy to get carried away writing something you’re excited about that often times you lose the tone of your brand. Always go back to your content with your “brand hat” on and revise it to fit within your style. If you use multiple content creators in your company, make sure you have an editor who analyzes each piece for brand positioning before publishing and sharing.

Is the content authoritative?

Do you sound like an expert in the field? Do you provide real insight into the topic? Can you be valued/trusted as an author? Your content needs to be authoritative and your audience needs to feel like they’re gaining something in return for the time they spend on it. If your content could be created by anyone with a brain, then why are you creating it in the first place?

Do my visuals support my content and make it more effective?

A picture speaks a thousand words so it better align with what you’re talking about. It also must boost the content’s appeal. The image is one of the first things a reader sees, so if it doesn’t make sense, then it confuses or turns off your audience.

Do you have a clear CTA?

Every piece of content needs a call-to-action of some sort. It doesn’t mean a “buy this” or “buy that”. It means a “click here for more” or “read these similar articles” or “if you need help implementing these best practices, call this number”. If you end it without a transition, then it’s over, kaput. If you close with a CTA, then the life of the article continues and you can improve the content of your website and business for the long term.

How likely is it to be shared?

If you answered ‘yes’ to answer all the questions above, then it’s very likely. Make sure you put the tools in place – i.e. social media share buttons – that enable easy content sharing for your visitors/readers.

At LeapGo, each piece of content goes through multiple rounds of review. We ask ourselves these questions all the time and make changes where necessary. We’re not perfect ourselves, but we know that good content reaps great rewards and want you to experience it too. If you’re looking for assistance in content creation, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a quote.


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Published On: August 20th, 2014 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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