Once you’ve assembled the basic components of your BigCommerce website, the next step is tweaking it to fit your needs.  The BigCommerce Marketplace is packed with useful apps – new and old, free and paid – that facilitate task work, improve your sales, and give you e-store a boost.

There are over 100 apps to choose from and our goal is to help you narrow down the list.  Here are the top 10 BigCommerce plugins (apps) for improving your e-commerce store:


Google Analytics

Description:  Merge your BigCommerce transactions with powerful Google Analytics to gain deep insight on traffic data, conversions, and marketing effectiveness.  It does have a steep learning curve, but the information Google spits out is unbeatable.

Cost:  from FREE

Google Analytics app |  Google Analytics home


Spring Metrics – Conversion Analytics

Description:  Where Google Analytics falls off, Spring Metrics picks up with simple, user-friendly analytics.  Get a quick, real-time overview of your marketing channels and customer conversions with just a few screens.  There are other Spring Metrics spin-offs, but the classic Conversion Analytics gives you what you need most.

Cost:  from $49/month

Spring Metrics app | Spring Metrics home


Email Solutions


Description:  Mailchimp is basically the go-to email marketing solution today, so to have it integrate seamlessly with your BigCommerce store is a blessing.  Manage your customer lists, deploy newsletters, and track performance in a jiffy.

Cost:  from FREE

Mailchimp app | Mailchimp home



Description:  When you want to be more precise about your email sends, Mineful is the app to get.  Rather than mass mailing your entire audience, this app helps you send emails based on what your customers do.  Targeted emails from Mineful should improve response and help you build better customer relationships.

Cost:  from $99/month

Mineful app | Mineful home


Social Marketing


Description:  How is someone supposed to know how awesome your products are without customer reviews?  That’s why Yotpo’s social review system is so important – we love it and recommend it to everyone.  It’s easy to install and even easier for your customers to read and write reviews.

Cost:  from FREE

Yotpo app | Yotpo home


Justuno Social Bribery

Description:  Prevent customers from leaving your store in search of coupons by offering them one upfront.  When customers sign up, Like, Tweet, or +1, they’ll receive a coupon code right away.  It’s a win-win situation – one that keeps your customers shopping and saves them time and money.

Cost:  from FREE

Justuno app | Justuno home


Other Marketing

S Loyalty

Description:  Getting customers is hard; keeping them can be harder.  Fortunately, the S Loyalty app uses a straightforward rewards system to earn you repeat business and build customer loyalty.  The dashboard is easy to follow and the breadth of incentives makes it applicable to all.

Cost:  from $19.99/month

S Loyalty app | S Loyalty home



Description:  Zopim lets you be the good kind of stalker by allowing you to see what customers are looking at and providing live chat for those who need help.  Now you can capture customers while they’re in the buying process and boost your sales with little effort.

Cost:  from FREE

Zopim app | Zopim home



Description:  This app is not for everybody, but for small businesses that require instant feedback, SurveyMonkey is precious.  The company has been around a long time so it just goes to show how crucial feedback is to businesses.  It’s a breeze to set up and their survey results break down into useable chunks.

Cost:  from FREE

SurveyMonkey app | SurveyMonkey home


Business Management


Description:  Ordoro makes shipping cool, by helping you streamline orders, manage inventory, and acquire good rates.  Unlike most shipping dashboards, Ordoro’s is attractive and user-friendly.  Customer service is excellent too.

Cost:  from $9/month

Ordoro app | Ordoro home


Do you have a favorite BigCommerce plugin?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.  And if you need assistance customizing your BigCommerce store, know that LeapGo can help!


  1. Justin Butlion November 24, 2013 at 7:52 am - Reply

    Thanks so much guys for including Yotpo in your list. If any of your readers have any questions about Yotpo, I welcome them to reply to my comment with their question so I can get back to them.

  2. Jason Corgiat March 18, 2014 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    @JustinMarkButlion:disqus – For what it’s worth, since this article we’ve installed Yotpo about 20 times. It’s so easy even a CEO could do it 🙂 Definitely one of our default installations!

    • Justin Butlion March 20, 2014 at 11:07 am - Reply

      I’m so happy to hear that @leapgo:disqus, I recommend emailing dov@yotpo.com so you can learn more about our partner program, I think it would be very beneficial to both parties. Thanks for your support.

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