Ten years ago all your online customers were connecting from a desktop computer.  Today, your customers are connecting from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, in the home, on the go, and who knows where else.  Marketing your business to all the different devices at different times was once a complicated process involving multiple campaigns.  Now Google Adwords’ Enhanced Campaigns simplifies that process into a single campaign and make your ads more contextually relevant to each device and user.

What do Google Adwords enhanced campaigns mean for you and your business?

Minimized Campaign Setup

  • In the past, you might have set up three campaigns – one for PC users, one for mobile phone users, and one for tablet users.
  • With enhanced campaigns, you now set up a single campaign and manipulate it across all devices, locations, time of day, and other aspects.  That means less campaigns you need to keep track of and more time to focus on your targeting and tracking.

Easier Device-, Location-, and Time-based Targeting

  • In the past, you would have a separate campaign for each device, every specified location, or each segment of the day.
  • With enhanced campaigns, you can now use a single campaign to target consumers based on their device, location, or time of day.  For example, you can promote your new ecommerce website to someone on a desktop but promote a click-to-call campaign on their cell phone.  If you’re a retail store, you can target ads to cell phone users walking nearby.   You can also adjust bids higher when your store is open and lower when you’re closed.  This flexibility makes targeting easier and the single campaign makes it easier to follow too.

Better Conversion Tracking

  • In the past, it was difficult to measure phone calls and app downloads directly from your online advertising, as well as determine specific clicks on your Sitelinks (reporting was provided on the whole).
  • With enhanced campaigns, you can determine how many customers called the number directly from your ad or how many downloaded your app (whose icon can now be displayed for download on your ad).  You also get more detailed reporting and comparisons on your Sitelink extensions, including statistics on what part of the ad people clicked.  This will vastly improve your ability to adjust ads and optimize conversions.

Improved Mobile Features

  • In the past, mobile bids were adjusted automatically.  In addition, advertisers were footing an increasingly large bill for customers who dialed directly from click-to-call ads.  Not anymore.
  • With enhanced campaigns you have the ability to adjust your bids on mobile devices.  That means you can greatly increase the chance that your ad is seen and clicked.  And now when customers call directly from click-to-call ads, there are no longer fees.

BUT, There Are Downsides To Your Control and Cost

  • In the past, you could target campaigns to different operating systems (iOS or Android), create a mobile-only or tablet-only campaign, or target specific keywords to certain devices.
  • With enhanced campaigns, each campaign will target all the devices by default.  The inability to opt-out of specific devices or operating systems means your costs are bound to be higher per campaign (all else being equal).  Plus, your keywords will now have to be embraced across all devices.

Despite a few downsides, Google Adword’s Enhanced Campaigns should make your campaigning much more effective.  In particular, better tracking capabilities also means you will have a better grasp of what’s working and what is not.

Currently, you have to opt-in to get enhanced campaigns, but come June 2013, you’ll automatically be rolled into the program, as will all your campaigns.  It may be the latest enhancement from Google, but as the Internet and devices continue to evolve you can expect plenty more to come.

What do you think about Google’s Adwords Enhanced Campaigns?

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Published On: February 28th, 2013 / Categories: Paid Search Management /

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