YOU: The Secret to Successful Blogging

YOU: The Secret to Successful Blogging

If you’re new to blogging, like I once was, you’re probably nervous and a little nauseous about writing your first narrative. It’s a fear that almost every blogger, even the well-established, has experienced at one time or another.

Listed below are a few key points in assuring the success of your blog posts:

  • Be Yourself!

We all want to be as good as the well-established writers when it comes to creating our blog posts. However, what attracts readers is individuality, creativity and our own unique style. Be yourself and work hard when creating a blog entry. Your readers will embrace you for being you!

Great blogs are one-of-a-kind; but often, the most important element is using a fresh approach to a common topic. Many blogs are boring because they lack personality, originality, and they just don’t feel authentic. They don’t bring anything new to the blogging scene!

  • Get Ready to Write!


There are two simple steps to take when creating a blog post:

  1. Pick the right topic.
  2. Write the heck out of it!

Let’s start with the topic. Have you picked a subject for your blog where you can offer a truly fresh perspective? Is it something you’re passionate about? Does it provide an opportunity for you to fully use your knowledge and give your individual perspective?

Focus on a topic in which you can let your personality shine, in which you have something unique to offer and where the real YOU can stand out in the crowded world of blogging.

Take a look at your blog right now and ask yourself: Is your blog truly different from any other blog out there? If not, then it’s probably time for a new direction. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it usually doesn’t result in creating a unique blog entry.

Share a unique voice, be genuinely useful, have real authority or focus on your community; but most importantly, be yourself!

  • Execute!

The key to creating a memorable web presence is not what you uniquely do; it’s what you uniquely communicate.

Worry only about perfecting your writing. Write stronger, leaner, sharper, each and every time. Keep getting better at being you. People will notice!

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