Yellowbook, iPad And Local Internet Marketing

Yellowbook has a long history of providing local businesses with a way to connect with potential customers. Since 1930 the company has been in the print directory business. It now serves 48 states in the U.S.A. and has a nice big website serving almost every community in the country. Impressive.

If you are a business doing business locally then Yellowbook is the place to be. But there is now one more reason to advertise or list your business in Yellowbook. It’s iPad.

Why iPad? Because Yellowbook now has an iPad app. And because millions of people are buying into the whole iPad craze, it makes sense to list where they are going to find you.

iPad itself is a remarkable technological advancement. It has the best features of a laptop and an iPhone. It’s a mobile handheld device with Internet connectivity beyond your normal handheld. And Apple has a built in audience with all those Mac enthusiasts out there.

Imagine this. A local patron is driving around looking for a place to eat. Pizza? Mexican food? Thai cuisine? What will it be? Well, he has options.

  • He can pull over and grab his laptop to perform a Google search;
  • Or he can reach for the cell phone, smartphone or iPhone;
  • Or simply touch the screen on his iPad mounted to the dashboard in front of him and search for the nearest restaurant without missing a beat.

Which do you think he’ll do? Personally, I think most people will use the iPad. It’s convenience, easy to use and functional. Plus, Yellowbook now as an iPad app and that makes finding local businesses easier than ever. Yellowbook + iPad = better business. Go local.