Would You Advertise On Facebook?

Facebook has an advertising network, but it currently only shows ads on Facebook. But Google AdSense is a program for publishers that allows those publishers to earn income from advertisers who perform pay per click campaigns. What if Facebook had a similar program?

It’s possible that Facebook could build an advertising platform to rival Google’s. It is now the largest website on the Web. That is, it receives more daily visitors than any other website online. It was Google.

Of course, we all know that Google rose to prominence on the backs of its advertisers. The Google AdWords and Google AdSense programs provided enough revenue for Google to do many other things that have either contributed to its bottom line in profits or added to its already impressive technology to benefit searchers, advertisers and other segments of its market. Couldn’t Facebook do the same?

Where Facebook would have an advantage over Google is in its capture of user interest. Currently, Google cannot track with much accuracy the interests of its users. It does well at learning their search behaviors, but that’s not the same thing. Facebook, on the other hand, could put its knowledge of user interest to work and offer up targeted advertising through a program similar to Google AdSense. Do you think it would work? Do you think it would rival Google’s advertising programs?