Why You’ve Got To Keep Web Development Simple

Think complexity is cool? You’ll think otherwise after you read what you’re about to read. But first, watch this video about people answering the question, “What is a browser?” and remember, this is your audience.

I’m not sure I’d agree that Google is the problem. I mean, Google search results are not billboards. They’re indexes to an information library. In the old days, libraries had these things called card catalogs. If you were interested in researching the mating habits of short-tail shrews and you began searching the card catalog and found a book titled “The Taming Of The Shrew”, checked it out and took it home and got upset because it wasn’t what you expected then it wasn’t the library’s fault. You looked in the wrong section of the index!

OK, perhaps Google got the Title of the page wrong. Maybe even the snippet was somewhat misleading. But can’t people just do a little more research and figure it out on their own?

The sad truth of the matter is, they won’t. Maybe they should, but they won’t. And that’s why you should keep your Web development simple. Your users need it that way. Forget what they want. It’s what they need that counts. And they need you to take their hand and guide them. If you do that well and make them feel good about it then they will gladly follow you. All the way to the Buy button.

If you want a gander at what the Google SERP should have looked like then, here it is today.

I know you’re not stupid, but keep your Web development simple.