Why You Should Run PPC Ads Concurrent With Social Media

Social media is all the rage today. Many small business owners and other marketers jump on the bandwagon of a new idea when it’s hot then abandon it when they don’t see the results they want. Even if they were doing it all wrong to begin with.

Chances are, if you’re not seeing results from your marketing campaigns then there is something about those campaigns that you can fix to make them perform the way you expect them to. Whether it be social media campaigns, link baiting, PPC, SEO or whatever, if you can change it and it’s not working for you then you should probably change it.

But what about if things are going good? Let’s say you are running a successful social media marketing campaign. And let’s say you stopped running PPC ads because they weren’t doing as well as you thought they should. Would they do better the second time around?

It’s likely they would – if you made the right changes.

You don’t have to stop your social media marketing campaigns to pick up on your PPC ads again. Just make sure that you are targeting the right keywords and that your landing pages are optimized correctly – for SEO and for conversions. But PPC can enhance your social media marketing in several ways:

  • Its adds to your branding
  • PPC is a pay after results model, social media is a pay results or not model (assuming a service provider is handling your campaigns)
  • You can track and measure PPC
  • Successful PPC advertisers report a high ROI on their advertising
  • PPC success is duplicatable

PPC advertising is a good compliment to both social media and search engine optimization. Don’t cut it out just because you didn’t see results the first time.