Why WordPress Is The Blogging Platform Of Choice For Most Serious Bloggers

Blogging - WordPressIf you’re just getting started with your own blogging, whether professional or personal, and you are looking for the right blogging platform, let me put a good word in for WordPress. There are several reasons why you want to use this blogging software.

1. First, it’s free. No charge. Download it and go.

2. It’s easy to use. Almost intuitive. Once you get a good look at the Write box and WYSIWYG editor you’ll see what I mean.

3. It’s easy to SEO your blog with WordPress.

4. It’s customizable with premium themes and plugins.

5. There is a large community of WordPress enthusiasts who can help you with any issues or problems you encounter.

6. WordPress is open source, therefore it is completely customizable. If you are a developer or have access to a developer then you can create your own blogging platform based on the WordPress model.

WordPress itself is plug and play. You upload it to your server, configure it to meet your needs and start blogging. Plus, there is tons of support – from the community and from WordPress developers themselves.

If you are planning to start a company blog then I highly recommend WordPress as your blogging platform of choice.