Why StumbleUpon Could Be A Good Source Of Traffic For Your Website

According to WebProNews, StumbleUpon is the No. 2 social media site for driving traffic to websites globally. But what does that mean?

It means that StumbleUpon could be more important than Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and Digg. Facebook is still No. 1.

Of course, Google is still the No. 1 source of traffic for most websites. But in terms of social media traffic, it’s Facebook and StumbleUpon. That could make StumbleUpon a more important target for your social media campaigns.

But there is one drawback to using StumbleUpon. While you’ll get a lot of traffic if you use it correctly, you’ll also get a lot of bounces and that’s an important metric. I’m not saying don’t use StumbleUpon for that reason, but you should evaluate whether the bounces are going to offset any positive benefits you get from increased traffic. For some websites, that will be a definite ‘yes’, but for others it could be a resounding ‘no’. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because everyone else is.