Why SEO Still Matters

It might seem like, in an age dominated by social media, that SEO is no longer a necessary concern for webmasters. After all, Facebook is the most trafficked website on the Internet and YouTube is picking up speed. Twitter is all the rage and Yahoo! is getting out of the search business altogether – so they tell us.

But I still believe that SEO has its applications even if Google changes its algorithms to downplay it.

So what good is SEO if Google itself seems to tell us it isn’t necessary? Perhaps we’re phrasing the question all wrong. Maybe our idea of SEO is outdated and needs an update. Could that be possible?

SEO – or search engine optimization – is the process of designing your website and writing its content so that it ranks well for particular key phrases based on how many people are interested in information about that topic. Any search engine worth its salt will be primarily concerned with returning the best results to searchers for the search queries they put in. And that sometimes means ignoring well optimized web pages that don’t meet certain quality guidelines.

In essence, if a web page is simply trying to rank well for the keyword phrase without offering any particular value to visitors once they land on the page then it doesn’t really deserve high rankings. In an age of social media, webmasters need to focus on quality content without abandoning time-tested SEO principles. It can be done.