Why SEO Should Be A Part Of Your Web Development Strategy

Website development is more than just planning and building a website that is attractive and designed well. Equally important is search engine optimization and I’ll go so far as to say that website development should not even begin until an SEO strategy is considered.

Let’s face it, it’s getting more and more difficult to market yourself online. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • There is more competition
  • Many competitors in every niche have an age advantage built into their Web business
  • Google Caffeine, recently launched, is indexing more pages than previous incarnations of Google’s database, adding to the competitiveness of search overall
  • SEO is ever changing, making it more and more difficult to keep track of what is important
  • There is an overload of information available
  • It can be difficult to discern what is truly important
  • Good SEO is often perceived as out of reach financially (not true, however)

Internet marketing offers a diverse array of strategies for marketing any business online and SEO is only one track, but it’s an important one. When you consider that 80% of Web traffic for most websites still comes from organic search and that organic search strategies are free to implement, unlike PPC, then it puts it into a different perspective.

Your website development strategy should include as many online marketing channels as possible and that are feasible for your business. SEO should be among them. By considering search engine optimization before you begin developing your website you could save yourself thousands of dollars in bad design work. Not only that, but you’ll increase your chances of being found in the search engines and receiving more quality traffic to your website.