Why Most Web Designers Fail To Help Their Clients

This might sound harsh coming from a web design and development company, but most web designers aren’t really helping their clients. They make pretty websites well enough, but they lack the one skill that is necessary to be of any real benefit.

That skill is SEO.

That stands for search engine optimization. That’s the skill that helps websites get ranked in the search engines for the keywords you want to target.

Does that sound like Greek to you? If your web design firm didn’t explain it to you then it probably sounds like Greek to them too. But it shouldn’t. It’s something that every web design company should be well versed at. Otherwise, what’s the point of web design?

Building and designing a website without considering the search engine optimization strategies necessary to market it is a bit like learning how to drive without a steering wheel. You may know how to work the break and gas pedals, shift the gears and get from point A to point B just fine, but try doing it without a steering wheel. How far will you get?

Search engine optimization is your website’s steering column. A pretty website might look nice, but it won’t be of any use to you if you can’t navigate the entrances and exits of the Information Superhighway.

Know your way around? If not, call someone who does.