Why Microsites Matter

There is a discussion among SEOs these days about whether or not microsites have any value. There are those web designers and search engine optimizers who believe you should have one website and you should work on it until you’ve perfected it.

We have nothing negative to say about that approach. Many SEOs and web designers have gone that route and done quite well for themselves. But the proponents of microsites make some good points too.

The argument for microsites is to build one website that is your main website. Optimize it for all your important keywords. Then, build a microsite for each keyword that is a high value keyword for your business. Target those microsites to the long tail and capture that traffic more specifically with a highly optimized smaller website designed to target a specific sub-niche within your niche.

Here’s the reason why we say that’s not a bad plan: Google will only rank up to two pages on any website for the same key term.

If you are competing against thousands of websites within your niche and you are up against websites that have been around for a long time then you are going to have a big hill to climb to reach the front page for your search terms. But if you drill down to those long taill search terms and build microsites for them then you’ll be up against fewer competitors and you’ll stand a better chance at capturing that coveted pole position.

In search marketing, it’s all about the optimization.