Why Google Buzz is Better Than Twitter

Ok first of all, if you’re not sure what Google Buzz is, check it out. To me, Google Buzz is really new. I’ve played with it a tad but can see the potential. what is a cloud That said this is in no way a comprehensive review of Google Buzz. More of a “this is what I’ve discovered so far”.

Let’s start by covering the two things I really hate about twitter:

  1. It’s nearly impossible to follow any conversation, including your own. See, when you tweet it’s like writing a short note, taping it to a football, and punting it into a crown of followers. Some people will read it, and some may even respond. However, when responding they simply do the same thing….punt a note back at you with no reference as to what they’re responding to. This makes it tough to keep track of conversation and makes it basically impossible to follow anyone else’s conversation. You know when you try and rifle through your kids’ cell phone text messages, and try to follow some coversation with another kid that’s full of “k”, “ya i know”, “when?” and other unreadable nonsense? Ya it’s like that. I can tell you how many times I’ve seen a tweet like “@someuser hey that was totally awesome! Great stuff!”. So of course, I want to know what was totally awesome. I click on @someuser and see they’re page full of crud I don’t care about. Where’s the awesome stuff? After clicking on the 10th link I simply give up. If only I could see what that tweeter was talking about I could find the awesome stuff and maybe add my comment too. Instead, i just wasted 15 minutes looking at random youtube and blog articles I care nothing about.
  2. 140 characters. Really? Look, I’m not talking to the twitter founders or people that use twitter “correctly”. Usually you can answer “what are you doing right now” in 140 characters or less. The problem is, when all you do is post the answer to “what are you doing right now” I will infollow you so fast your face will melt. (what?) Who I’m talking to are all the folks that say “twitter is for business!”. No it isn’t. I can’t get a good message across in 140 characters….not without sounding spammy anyway. Oh, right, “don’t try to sell anything, just connect with people and help” they say. How can I answer any question properly in 140 characters or less? Sure it can be done, but sometimes you really have more to say.

Why Google Buzz is better:

The two complaints above are not an issue. You can write all you want, and you actually respond to a buzz and it keeps the conversation in an organized list, similar to responding to something in Facebook. Enough said.