Why Functionality Trumps Design

Imagine that you have planned a new website and that you have scoped out the competition to discover that you have a handful of websites in your niche that look absolutely stunning. Of course, you have no idea how they are doing on sales. But you know they’re beautiful websites. So you set out to make sure that your website is the most beautiful of all.

After thousands of hours of planning and pulling together elements of your competition’s websites to build one of your own, you succeed. You’ve got the most beautiful website in your niche. But after six months it doesn’t make you any money. Do you know why?

There are several reasons why a website won’t make any money. No. 1 on the list is there is a basic functionality flaw in its development.

It could be something as simple as no Buy Now button. Or it could be a complex issue like two significant pages don’t link together when, intuitively, your visitors think they should.

The most important thing to remember about website development is to think like your visitors. What do they want to see? Better yet, what will drive them to click the button and buy from you?

It’s OK to be pretty. But it’s better to be functional. If your website visitors can’t navigate your site well or can’t find what they are looking for then you have a functionality problem. Fix that and half of your problem is solved.