Why Flash Should Be Used In Limited Proportions

Flash animation has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. One of the biggest mistakes that I see new webmasters making when they build a website using Flash is to make Flash the primary mode of presentation. This is a mistake because it offers no SEO benefits.

SEO is important, but it isn’t everything. With the rise of social media and viral marketing, SEO is just another tool in the webmaster’s arsenal, albeit a very important one. Downwitemnoyris We encourage webmasters to use every tool available at their disposal to draw visitors to their website and convert them into paying customers. Can Flash do that?

Flash can convert visitors. There’s no doubt about that. With a well done presentation you can offer your site visitors a great presentation based on Flash animation and close the sale – get the e-mail opt in, sell a widget, take the free download, etc.

Where Flash fails is in the drawing in of new visitors through search engine marketing. Nedighalomen . Yes, it can be used off site in viral ways, but its search engine marketing benefits are limited. That’s because the search engines until a couple of years ago the search engines could not crawl Flash. Dimitrovo . Now, however, Flash can be crawled and indexed, but only in limited ways.

While the search engines have come a long way in the way they deal with Flash animations, there is still a long way to go. I’d use Flash in limited ways, but I wouldn’t overload my website with it.