Why Competitive Intelligence Is Important

Before you kick off your PPC campaign, social media campaign or SEO campaign, you should first take some time to do a little intelligence work on your competition. What do I mean by intelligence?

Essentially, we’re talking about spying. But it’s not the illegal kind of spying. A better word might be “monitoring”. You’re going to see what your competition is up to and see if they are missing opportunities or if perhaps you can learn a few things from them that you can use in your own Internet marketing campaigns.

There are several ways to go about performing competitive intelligence and learning what your competition is up to. Here are a few ways to keep tabs on your biggest foes:

  • Google your important keywords and see where they stack up against you
  • Better yet, use a competitive intelligence tool that does this for you
  • Follow your competition on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Perform a Google search for your keywords and look at the PPC ads to see who is advertising
  • Look up your competition at Alexa
  • Perform a back link checker on your competition’s websites
  • Subscribe to your competition’s brand names using Google Alerts
  • Subscribe to their blogs

By keeping tabs of your competition as they go about their daily marketing activities can give you information you need to better perform your own marketing campaigns, whether you engage in PPC, social media or straight SEO.