Who Should Write Your Website Content?

If you think you can hire a web designer to design your website but write your content yourself then I’d encourage you to reconsider. You might be making a huge mistake.

Perhaps you are a great writer. You spell well, your grammar is impeccable and you can tell an awesome tale. But can you sell? You’ll have to know how to lead visitors to the Buy button. After all, that is what website content is all about. If your content doesn’t sell then it’s a waste of space.

There are different techniques to approaching the close of a sale online. Many of those techniques parallel traditional selling techniques. It is not necessarily a 1-to-1 correlation, but many sales techniques do convert well to online marketing and any website content writer worth his weight in salt will know what they are. If you are not familiar with the sales techniques that successful sales people use to close sales then you should probably not write your own content.

So who should?

When looking for someone to write your website content you should find out a few things about them first. Here are five things you should be absolutely certain that your content writer can do for you:

  • Write well optimized content; SEO is still the name of the game.
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Write conversationally. Website visitors don’t want to read stuffy marketing copy – they want to relate to a human being like them.
  • Write strong calls to action, which are your money makers. Without calls to action that inspire website visitors to pull out their credit cards, everything you do is for naught.
  • Write with your website visitors’ needs in mind. Your content must reach your site visitors at their point of need. If it doesn’t then don’t expect to close the sale.

These five skills are essential for any content writer. When you get ready to hire a company to develop your website, ask if they have a content writer on staff that can do these five things. Get samples of their writing and the results it has produced.