When Should You Add A Graphic Artist To Your Team?

At some point in your marketing plan you’re going to need a graphic artist. It’s inevitable. Someone will need to create your logo, your business cards, flyers and brochures, letterhead and stationery and other marketing collateral. Online, you’ll need banner ads, blog headers, favicons and a number of images associated with your website. Some companies even have graphic artists create unique bullet points images.

So the question is, who should you get to be your graphic artist and when should you add that person to your team?

Ideally, you’d hire your graphic artist early on. You should discuss your complete marketing plan with your graphic artist so that he understands the direction of your company well, even if all he is doing is creating business cards. You may want to use him for other things later.

The best person for your graphic artist is someone who can also perform other marketing tasks for you such as website design, search engine optimization and even content creation. If you hire one company to handle all of your marketing needs then you’ll have a much more cohesive marketing package and it will be more effective.