What’s the Deal with Google Panda 4.0?

On May 21st, a Google update rocked the SEO world. A number of very high authority websites experienced significant changes in their search engine rankings. Some sites like eBay, RetailMeNot and lost tons of ground while other sites like MyRecipes, MedTerms and Zimbio were rewarded. The culprit behind the various ranking changes was Google Panda 4.0, the latest algorithm update from Google.

Google Panda 4.0 is one of the largest updates in the Panda series that began in 2011. Like the Panda updates before it, this version focuses primarily on the content of websites. While the exact algorithmic changes are difficult to pinpoint, the obvious result is that websites boasting relevant, high-quality content continue to be rewarded and sites with “light” or duplicate content pages have felt a negative impact.

Immediately after the release on May 21st, there was a lot of speculation and plenty of ‘SEO experts’ who capitalized on the pandemonium. We can’t stand the nonsense, which is why we’ve waited a couple weeks to see the true impact of Google Panda 4.0 and give you real information from which you can work.

·       As a webmaster or business owner, do you know all the details about this latest Google update?

·       How do you find out if you have been affected (positively or negatively) by Google Panda 4.0?

·       Are there ways to prepare your website now to prevent negative effects in the future?

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