What To Do When Your Website Has Traffic But No Conversions

Website ConversionsOne of the most puzzling problems in managing a professional website is when your site has plenty of traffic, but no conversions to customers as the result of user visits. If your site is seeing plenty of traffic, but few conversions, there are a few steps to take to increase your conversion rate and create customers from visiting users. 

The Landing Page

1.) Make sure the landing page is functional and accessible. This means you need to check each link on the site to make sure that no links are broken and they retrieve the page they are designed to retrieve when the link is clicked. Check the load time for your landing page. 

2.) Does the page load quickly in the browser? If you are testing the landing page on a broadband connection, and the page loads slowly, the page will be painfully slow for users on a dial-up connection. Figuring out why the page loads slowly may take some analytic thought. Are you loading large images or multimedia on the landing page? If so, eliminate these bandwidth limiting items and redesign the page to quickly load in a browser. 

3.) Is the landing page easy to navigate? Do potential customers have a hard time figuring out how to get to your shopping cart? If you have an ecommerce site, you should always make the process of viewing the shopping cart an easy one. Make the landing page easy to navigate and simple to understand. 

4.) Is the landing page compatible with all standard browsers? In order to know how your landing page looks in the various web browsers, perform some testing with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, different browsers may render the page differently. If the page looks different in various browser, attempt to redesign the page to look similar across all browser types. 

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Call to Action Buttons and Links

1.) Does your site provide Call to Action buttons and/or links? Are they prominently displayed? One thing that potential customers will find annoying is when they want to access your service or product, but they cannot find a way to do so. Make sure your Call to Action button or link is prominently displayed throughout the site. 

2.) Are your Call to Action buttons or graphics attractive and easy to read? Make sure to check your Call to Action buttons and graphics in all standard web browsers to make sure they display properly to the majority of users. 

Ads on the Site

1.) Does your site overuse third-party or sponsor ads? Google Ads are great but if you display them on all of the free real estate on your page, not only will the page load slowly, but it will also annoy visitors. Place ads sparingly and strategically throughout the site. 

2.) Are your ads distracting visitors from your product? Blinking text, ads with sound and multimedia commercials often annoy potential customers. If you have a video that you wish to share on your website, allow the user the opportunity to choose to load and view the video. Some potential customers may be accessing your site from prepaid broadband accounts. Unwanted multimedia will drain their bandwidth and undoubtedly make them dislike your site. 

Website Content

1.) Is the content on your site relevant and interesting? Do you simply state over and over again how great your product or service may be? It is much more beneficial to include interesting articles, blog posts and other web content on your site, than to just rave about your product or service. Users do not want to be “oversold” on a product or service. Create interest in your product by including interesting web content on the site. 

2.) Is the content on your site fresh and new? If users visit your site on a regular basis, do they see the same content over and over again? One way to generate new content on your site is to add feeds from other sites, such as news sites. Headline feeds and RSS feeds are freely available. For example, Yahoo! News (and other Yahoo! channels) will provide instant, relevant content without you hiring writers or sitting down to write a blog post every day. 

3.) Does your web content establish you as an expert in your area? One of the best ways to generate customers is to be knowledgeable about the area in which you work. For example, if you own a site that sells rugs, become an expert on the history, styles and variations of rugs. Write blog posts on your site to educate potential consumers, and be sure to tell them how your product fits into the larger scheme. 

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Converting visitors to customers is not a magic act. Simply making your site functional, accessible and interesting will bring visitors to your site and keep them there long enough to become customers. 


  • Great tips regarding no conversion i think its helpful !!

  • That was a lot of great information. To expand on what you wrote regarding Call to Action (CTA) buttons, try out different colors as well. Shoppers and buyers have various goals and may respond better to different colors. For example, if you’re trying to connect with someone who is ready to buy, you may find red and yellow CTA buttons are more effective than the calming/peaceful blues and greens. On the other hand, blue and green have been associated with wisdom, loyalty, and wealth. Those CTAs may convert better with links to helpful resources or other top of the funnel offerings.