What search engine should I optimize for?

If you’ve been looking into search engine optimization services or conduct SEO services yourself you may have asked yourself lately, “Just what search engine should I be optimizing for?” There’s all this talk about search engines lately. You’ve probably seen the commercials along with the new commercials. Read more about Bing here. Perhaps your home page has even changed to one of these mysteriously? (No, mom, it doesn’t do that by itself and nobody else has control over your computer. Chances are you installed a new toolbar or helpful little application that gladly took the liberty of changing it for you after you skipped the installation and accidently agreed to the change. Dimitrovo . Right you didn’t download anything. I know. Look, I’m writing a blog article here ok? Let’s talk later.) If you’re really up on the search engine scene you may have heard of (lots of people calling it WolfgramAlpha by mistake), the computational search engine or And of course we can’t forget about the old faithfull With all that noise out there it must be shaking up the search engine wars right?

Optimize for Google

So which search engine should you be optimizing for? Here’s your answer…’s still Google. Google still gets 70% of all searches. That means the remaining 30% is being fought over by all the “others”. Will that change? Maybe. But until it does your focus shouldn’t change either. Does that mean you should ignore the others? No, but they should not be your main concern.