What Is Web Development?

People often confuse web development with website design. They aren’t the same thing. However, web development can, and often does, incorporate website design. It is important to note, though, that web development goes beyond the basic principles of website design.

One way to think about it is in the nature of the coding for each set of skills. Web developers are concerned with the detailed work of coding a website for functionality while web designers are interested in the general work of coding for design and website attractiveness. A web developer will spend hours putting together code to make your e-commerce applications work the way their supposed to; the web designer will spend her time making those applications look good on the web page.

Maybe that clears up the difference between web development and website design. But there is a lot more to web development that I haven’t mentioned. For instance, development can consist of client-side coding or server-side coding. It can be open source or proprietary, based on Linux or Windows or, more broadly, the creation of web applications that interact with other applications and allow website visitors to communicate between systems with ease.

As you can see, web development is about more than just making your website look pretty. It’s about making it functional too. To better understand your web development needs, you’ll need to contact a web development expert for a website or project evaluation.

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