What Is Ecommerce?

What exactly is e-commerce? It’s a question that is often asked by new small business owners or small business owners who are thinking about going online and doing business there. In a word, e-commerce is any type of business conducted online. It is generally referred to as selling products and services, but it need not be limited to that alone.

For instance, music sites that allow free downloads can be considered engaging in e-commerce, particularly if it is expected that those free downloads will lead to other transactions such as cell phone ringtone downloads, the purchase of CDs and DVDs or a link to an affiliate program is clicked. Any of those activities constitutes e-commerce.

E-commerce is also transmitting information about products and services – your e-mail newsletter, for instance. You can have an e-mail newsletter that drives people to your brick and mortar store for purchases. That’s e-commerce too.

So the selling doesn’t have to take place online. It generally does, but as long as you are using the Internet to promote your products and services then you are engaging in e-commerce. If you are ready to start your e-commerce strategy, contact a rep today to discuss how e-commerce can benefit your business.