What Does A Web Design Company Do?

It might sound rather obvious. A web design company designs websites, right? Well, yes, that is generally what a web design company does, but there’s really more to it than that. Do you really know what has to happen for the web design company to take your concept and build a successful website around it? It’s not a piece of cake.

While there are varieties of web design companies – they usually offer a full range of other services as well – most of them specialize in a particular type of web design or specific niche. For instance, some web design companies specialize in small business websites. Others focus only on large corporations, or perhaps large company websites within a specific niche (automotive, hair salons, etc.). There are no set rules for the type of website a web design company can get involved with.

Some web design companies design all of their websites in HTML while others incorporate other languages like PHP, JavaScript and ASP. Others can design and build you a website using a content management system (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal.

When interviewing web design companies for your project you should find out what resources they have available to build your site. If you need a site that allows you to manage multiple users and manage an entire database from an Admin area then you will likely need a CMS or a web development specialist who can code in PHP or ASP. If you have a Windows-based server then you’ll need a web designer who can operate within that environment (some don’t).

A flexible web design company can draw upon as many resources as you need to get the job done. If your website requires more than a simple design concept then you may need web development resources. If you are not familiar with the difference between web design and web development then you might have to do additional research. But for now, just know that some web design companies are limited in the development of applications that interact with your website. Think through your needs and know how to communicate them to your web design company so that you can get the website you want and deserve.

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