Website Development: Why Templates Rarely Cut It

There is a growing trend for new website owners to look for ‘out of the box’ type templates for their business. Templates have their place but for serious business owners, they generally just don’t make the grade. If you were to take a template and compare it to a specifically built website, you would immediately see the difference – and users can often feel the difference.

For a business, a serious business, you cannot just take a template off the shelf and use it. You need to make some changes so that your pages at least look unique. You will also need to take some time optimizing the template for the search engines. Then you need to add your content, perhaps Rich Snippets for the search engines, and develop internal links.

With that amount of work, you would have been better off employing a web design company to do the job for you. It would most likely be more cost effective, designed to meet your specific needs along with your customers, and far easier to update when required. Out of the box templates are cheaper than purpose built sites, but like all things cheap, they have their limitations. If your business venture is serious, then give it a serious start with purpose build web site.