Web Development At The Crossroads

Here in 2010 we are coming to a crossroads in Web development. It’s not a big overhaul type of change like a total paradigm shift, but it’s significant. I think one of the things that is driving the current shift in Web development is video marketing. Online marketers have started to figure out just how valuable it is and how they can do it without selling themselves down the river or embarrassing themselves.

Another thing that will drive the shift is HTML 5. The next evolutionary step for the Web’s primary language is to pave the way for easy embedding of the video into web pages. HTML 5 promises to do that.

And then there’s mobile marketing, which hasn’t really gone mainstream yet, but I believe that 2010 could be the year. If not this year then next year. And if you can imagine easy integration between video marketing and embedding, mobile marketing and website development then you probably have a pretty close picture to what I’m seeing. I’m talking about a world that is driven by the technological advancements that have occurred just in the last five years on the Web.

Call is Web 3.0 or Web 2.1. But I do see the Web going through this transition and the exciting thing is that we are all a part of it as it is happening. It’s exciting to see.