Want A Cookie?

It might sound funny, but cookies are serious business online. Sometimes they are a sweet treat and at other times they are a rather sour pickle. They can make a user’s experience ten times better or a hundred times worse. Some cookies have been known to drive users away from a website, but with the right web development plan you can steer clear of the negative aspects of cookies.

If you’ve ever seen a pop-up opt-in form, one of those whirring fly-by popovers or closed your web browser only to find another one underneath it thus encountering a pop-under then you’ve likely been in contact with a cookie.

Another way that cookies are used is to store information about a particular user so that the next time that user appears on your site the experience can be more personalized. This is one way that membership sites keep track of user preferences. The downside is, if a user deletes the cookie from their hard drive (placed there the first time he visits your website) then you have no way of giving them the experience you intended.

You’ll have to decide fairly early on in your web development how you plan to use cookies. They’re not all bad, but they’re not all good either.