Volusion Design Services

Volusion is one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms and an ideal base for many product-focused companies.  The software boasts inexpensive monthly plans, great partner plug-ins, and is super easy to setup – in fact, you can have a basic store up and running within minutes.  However basic stores are never enough, so that’s where we can help. LeapGo is a certified Volusion partner and we work with you to create a custom-designed ecommerce store that embodies your brand, contains all your dream features, and improves the overall user shopping experience.  With LeapGo’s expertise you can transform a standard Volusion ecommerce store into a revenue-generating machine!

What is Volusion?


Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce solution with an extensive roll call of merchandising, marketing, and management features.  With dozens of professional-looking template options, choosing a store to fit your company image is painless.

With Volusion, showing off your products is a breeze.  Their innovative vZoom tool magnifies product images, the Product Compare feature accelerates decision-making, and SmartMatch keeps you up to date on inventory status.  Plus, the shopping cart and checkout process are as seamless as it gets.

Volusion also has excellent marketing support to help get the word out about your store and products.  A built-in e-newsletter system, real-time customer reviews listing, and hassle-free couponing are just the tip of the iceberg.

The ease of marketing on social channels is another Volusion bonus.  You can boost sales through the Facebook-linked Social Store, post your deals directly on your Twitter feed, and connect your products with useful YouTube videos – all through Volusion’s CMS.

The Volusion CMS is quick, powerful, and secure.  Popular software plug-ins are easily accessible and ready to integrate.  24/7 support is available.

For more information or to compare Volusion with other popular ecommerce software, check out our LeapGo blog detailed review.

Can I try out Volusion first?

Yes, of course!  Anyone interested in working with Volusion should give it a go by setting up a basic store.  If you like what you see, contact us and we can work with you to upgrade your Volusion store to a custom-built design.  To begin your free trial, click the image below:

Volusion Try it Free

How do I get started with Custom Volusion Web Design?

Call (818) 232-7220 to get started or use the button below to request a quote! Custom Volusion templates start at just $3,000.

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