Use video to expand your brand – 3 simple steps

Today, video on the web is almost everywhere, so it seems. We all know about YouTube and have probably seen a few sites with video demonstrating a product or service. Something very significant is that video is starting to show up on the first page of Google results, especially since the Google acquisition of YouTube. Video is the new internet phenomenon, it helps bridge the gap between people and silent, faceless websites. But how can you use video to expand your brand? It’s easier than you think!

This article’s aim is to show you how to expand your brand through video on blogs and social media to reach the widest possible audience.

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Step 1.Create your video. This can be something shot by you and your handycam, or something done professionally. Just keep it simple.

What should my video be about? Need ideas? Take a moment and think about your website visitors. What do you want them to know more about? Maybe they’d like to see your facilities? Maybe it’s a walk-through on how to install your latest Widget. Maybe it’s an interview with the owner about how you got started. Whether it’s helpful, funny, informative, or random just make it something compelling to your target customer. When you’ve decided on the subject, make sure it does at least one of the following things: explain something, establish creditability, enhance your relationship with the customer, or entertains while enforcing your brand.

How long should my video be? Don’t worry about making your video long enough, make sure it’s short enough! Most of your website visitors will take off if they see the video start and the timeline show there’s 48 more minutes left of your video. One or two minutes is fine, five or ten is fine if it’s a walk-through of some sort.

What format should my YouTube video be? One of the great things about converting video for web is that it almost doesn’t matter. You can convert mov, avi, wmv, mpg’s, you get the idea. (If you’re unsure as to how you’re going to get your video from your camera to your computer to begin with, you’ll want to look into a camcorder with a hard drive, or a video capture device.)

Step 2. Upload your video. This can be done easily directly at once you create an account, or through TubeMogul allows you to submit your video to multiple video sharing Web sites beyond YouTube such as, Howcast, Vimeo and a dozen others. If you’re looking for maximum exposure then TubeMogul is the way to go.

Step 3. Tell someone about it. This is an important step! Yes, there is a decent chance that some people will stumble across your video but you need to tell the right people. This consists of one or all of the following; Write a blog post on your business blog (What do you mean you don’t have one? We’ll install and set up a business blog for you super fast, just contact us), post the video to corresponding web pages (if you host with us, click here to see how to insert a YouTube video on your web page), post it on your Facebook account, Tweet it, or head over to and start a hub. ( is a site where you can create pages (hubs) on any subject you wish. Once you have created your 3rd hub page you start getting link credit from search engines so make sure you link to your own website, blog, twitter page, etc.)

Using video to expand your brand can be very effective. If you need ideas, throw a search query into YouTube and chances are you’ll find some videos on the subject. Good luck!

To have us film, convert, edit, and/or publish your video, simply Contact LeapGo.