Use These Facebook Ad Tactics to Generate More Leads

Like lots of other smart marketers, you might have been running Facebook ads for a while now The precise targeting, ability to improve your brand image, and ease of getting started all make Facebook ads one of the most popular ways to generate leads.

But if you’ve only played around with the basics, there are some more advanced techniques you can use to improve your results and make your ads more profitable.

Here are some of the best to try in 2017.

Use Location-Based Images

Choosing the right images for your ads can make a big difference to your click-through rates.

You want your images to stand out and get noticed amidst all the other competing visual content, and one way to do this is to use location-based images when you are targeting a specific location.

It makes perfect sense. When setting up a campaign that targets a specific geographic region, you can make your ads stand out my making it obvious that the ad is relevant for people in that area.

This is easier to do when targeting people in a big city because you can use a well-known symbol of the city to instantly stand out.

If someone is in a specific town or city when they see an ad, they are more likely to notice it when the image is clearly of that city—compared to an ad that might be showing all over the world.

That’s not to say it will always generate better results, but it’s definitely worth trying out.

Experiment with Ad Types

The type of ad you use is also something to experiment with.

Each type of ad has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, a desktop newsfeed ad is a good option for generating engagement and leads because the larger ad allows for more copy and a longer link description.

On a mobile, however, the newsfeed ad might be better for increasing discovery.

Then there’s the right column on the desktop. This is a cheaper ad, but it uses less copy and smaller images. In this case, a retargeting campaign might be more successful because the targets are already familiar with your brand.

Experimentation is crucial, so try to choose the right type of ad for the purpose of your campaign, and test them out to see which generates the best results.

Capture Attention with Faces

Pareidolia‘ is a word you might not be familiar with. But you’re almost certainly familiar with what it is.

Notice how we always seem to find faces in shapes on the wall, in the clouds, in tree trunks, etc? That’s pareidolia.

We are hard-wired to see faces—and we also tend to take more notice of real photos of faces compared to other images.

There have been plenty of studies into the effect of faces, so take advantage of it. Use human faces in your Facebook ads to not only get them noticed in the first place but to also humanize them and grow an attachment with your prospects.

Create Ads Around Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful form of social proof, and you should be using them wherever you can.

Don’t just use them on your website and landing pages—use them in your ads too.

Someone talking about how much they love your company could make a fantastic ad, especially in a social setting like Facebook.

Happy customers are the best sales reps, and they can encourage greater interaction with your ads. A short video of a real customer will also lead to a more compelling ad that gets noticed.

Reduce Friction

Friction is what prevents people from converting. Whether on the ad or landing page, there are moments when your targets hesitate, and it’s these moments when you lose them—they might think about clicking, but they ultimately don’t.

Using a clear CTA in your ads is a way to reduce friction because it makes it absolutely clear what you want your prospects to do.

Likewise, if the ads lead to a landing page, reduce friction further by using message match to boost conversions. For example, if you highlight a free white paper in the ad, make this the main focus of the landing page.

Reinforcing what the prospects see in the ad on your landing page improves consistency and reduces friction, leading to more conversions.

Get to the Point

Facebook ads are not the place to tell a long story. You should be aiming to keep it as short and to the point as possible.

That’s why videos work so well.

A short video can get across a lot of information in a short amount of time. If you use videos, it’s even better if you use closed captioning so you can still get the message across without audio.

You don’t get much real estate on Facebook, so get to the point, have a single focus, and use one call to action.

Use Classic Advertising Tactics

Also, don’t forget to incorporate classic advertising tactics. Many of these work just as well with Facebook ads as they did with magazine ads decades ago.

What are we talking about here?

  • Make your ads emotional—people buy on their emotions. You need to appeal to the rational as well (features of your product), but the emotional part of the brain is where the decisions are made. How the product or service will improve their lives, what they stand to get out of it, what problems it will solve—these all need to take precedence.


  • Be credible—don’t make outrageous claims unless you can back them up. Be specific. Your follower numbers, products sold, customers served, people on your list, etc—using specific figures is more credible, and credibility builds trust.


  • Use urgency and scarcity—the fear of missing out is a big motivator. Try highlighting a special offer that only lasts one day or a discounted product where you only have 100 available.

Test Everything

And by everything, we mean everything—the copy, designs, images, timing, location, etc. Only by testing will you learn what works and what doesn’t, and that’s how you improve.

Test at least four ads for your campaign, then improve on the best one. Even better, take four or five images, a couple of headlines, and a couple of ad texts, then mix these up so you have a good number of ad variations to test.

Check in regularly to see how your ads are performing, and pause the ads that are underperforming.

Sometimes you will notice huge differences based on nothing more than a change of headline or image.

Get More Love from Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to increase discovery, boost your brand image, and get more conversions.

But if you’ve only played around with the basics, it’s almost certain you can improve your results by incorporating some of these tactics.

So try them out and see how much more effective you can make your Facebook advertising.