Update your existing website easily!

Here’s a common scenario:

A few years back you paid a web designer or website design company to design your website. It turned out pretty well, too! Well, congratulations! You’re already ahead of most people. However, shortly thereafter you realized something is missing. An easy way to update your website. You realized that every time you need to change a price, or add a snippet of news, or change some text you need to make a phone call and shell out a few bucks.

Not being able to update your website yourself costs you money.

It costs you money one of two ways:

  1. Every time you need to make a change, you shell out $50 – $200 on a few simple requests. or
  2. You decide not to update your site because you hate paying someone every time. This costs you money because you’re not giving your visitors what they want – updated information!

Do you like the way your website looks but want to be able to update it yourself?

We can do that! Yup, we can take your existing website and add a content management tool that allows you to update, add, and remove content as you see fit, on your own time, for free!

Don’t want to mess with design and code?

No sweat! When we integrate the content management tool we’ll make sure that you’re only editing the content area of your website and don’t have to worry about messing with the design elements you already like. Also, the editor is so easy to use! It’s got a handy toolbar that will allow you to format text, add pictures, pretty much do just about anything you need to keep your website fresh and interesting.

Check out a sample screenshot of the website editor: Looks easy, doesn't it?

What does this cost?

Depending on your site it can be as little as $250 to integrate this tool. That’s only as much as 2-3 change requests would cost at your local web design company!

All you have to do is give us a call at 1 (800) 211-7619 and ask about adding a content management system to your existing website. There’s no obligation and it’s a sure way to find out exactly what it will run you. Just think, in a couple days you could be updating your website all by yourself! For free!

  • hi, could you tell me how much it would be to set up content management for our site, thanks

  • Don Engelhardt

    Hi Frances, thanks for your question! I’ll follow up with you directly.