Tweaking Your Existing Website

Sometimes an existing website can be tweaked in certain ways to help it rank better in the search engines and receive more traffic. We can even often improve your conversions with a few simple changes. And you might be wondering by now just what kind of changes I’m talking about.

For starters, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) evaluation will reveal whether or not you need to optimize your website content for better rankings. Having someone look at your meta tags, keyword densities and inbound links can often reveal weaknesses or holes in your search engine optimization strategy.

Next, your website design should be given a looking over as well. Chances are a complete overhaul is not necessary, but you may need to move elements around. Your newsletter opt-in box may not be in the best position on the page or perhaps you could add social networking icons to make your pages easier for visitors to share with their friends. Sometimes small changes can increase how visitors interact with your site.

For a free website evaluation give us a call or contact us and we’ll see if there are any missed opportunities on your existing website.