Top 7 Volusion Plugins for Improving Your Store

Once you’ve assembled the basic components of your Volusion website, the next step is tweaking it to fit your needs.  The Volusion App Store offers useful apps – new and old, free and paid – that facilitate task work, improve your sales, and give you e-store a boost.

Volusion’s App Store is still in beta testing, so the range of apps is limiting when compared to other ecommerce solutions.  However, there are dozens of apps available and our goal is to point out the best ones.  Here are the top 7 Volusion plugins (apps) for improving your ecommerce store:


Smart Conversions (by Spring Metrics)

Description:  For excellent analytics and behavioral targeting, Spring Metrics is it (and your only real option).  Get a quick, real-time overview of your marketing channels and customer conversions with just a few screens.  Then use the data to create targeted, real-time customer offers, boosting your revenue in the process.

Cost:  from $199/month

Smart Conversions app | Spring Metrics home


Email Solutions


Description:  Mailchimp is basically the go-to email marketing solution today, so to have it integrate seamlessly with your Volusion store is a blessing.  Manage your customer lists, deploy newsletters, and track performance in a jiffy.

Cost:  $10/month

Mailchimp app | Mailchimp home


Social Marketing

Yotpo Social Reviews System

Description:  How is someone supposed to know how awesome your products are without customer reviews?  That’s why Yotpo’s social review system is so important – we love it and recommend it to everyone.  It’s easy to install and even easier for your customers to read and write reviews.

Cost:  FREE

Yotpo app | Yotpo home


Justuno Social Offers

Description:  Prevent customers from leaving your store in search of coupons by offering them one upfront.  When customers sign up, Like, Tweet, or +1, they’ll receive a coupon code right away.  It’s a win-win situation – one that keeps your customers shopping and saves them time and money.

Cost:  from FREE

Justuno app | Justuno home


Standard Marketing

AdRoll Retargeting

Description:  Increase traffic and sales by targeting lost customers with your product advertisements, drawing them back to your site.  It’s simple and effective and how much you pay is up to you.  We love this concept and you should experience a huge ROI in no time!

Cost:  per use

AdRoll Retargeting app | AdRoll Retargeting home



Description:  Business owners who don’t leverage abandoned cart emails are missing out on a huge source of revenue.  Customers frequently drop what their doing and walk away while shopping, so Rejoiner helps you win back that lost business with personalized emails.

Cost:  from $99/month

Rejoiner app | Rejoiner home


Business Management

Volusion SSL

Description:  With so many stories in the news about hacking, online theft, and fraudulent websites, adding an SSL certificate will help give your customers peace of mind and make them happier to transact.  It’s a small thing to do, but will have a big impact on how customers view your site.

Cost:  $79/year

Volusion SSL app | Volusion SSL home


Do you have a favorite Volusion plugin?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.  And if you need assistance customizing your Volusion store, know that LeapGo can help!