Top 5 Social Media Search Tools

Social Media Search ToolsTop 5 Social Media Search Engine Tools Social media search engines help social media management experts quickly find data on one or more social media platforms. These search tools are powerful in that they allow you to see how others view your company, products and services, and to conduct other important research.

Data collected from these search engines is useful in developing and fine-tuning your marketing strategy. You can monitor conversations to discover which keywords will best help people find your own social media content. The social sphere also provides you with an opportunity to collect ideas that can help in improving your products and services.

Here are our picks for the top five social media search engine tools:

1. Follower Wonk – An excellent tool for analyzing followers on Twitter. The service allows you to search through your followers’ bios, to compare your followers to competitors, and to track and analyze followers. Follower Wonk is a free service and it only requires that you have a Twitter account and authorize the application to access your profile’s data. The search tool allows users to search through all their followers’ bios for specific keywords. They can use the advanced search option to filter by location, name and URL. Additionally, they can filter by the minimum and maximum number of followers, users following and tweets. The tool offers a great way to find new talent and customers. The “Compare Users” tool allows you to compare your own social graph to that of competitors and others in the same industry to see how well you are performing. You can subscribe to keep track of these users and see how well you are progressing in relation to your competition.

2. Social Mention – A real-time search engine for social networking sites. With this service, you can also set up alerts for your social media platforms. The app works like Google Alerts in that it sends users notifications based on criteria that they select. The search engine is also similar to major players like Google Search, but it confines its search results to the social networking sphere. Social Mention sorts results by date as the default setting, but you can also choose to sort by source. Additionally, you can choose to filter results by time period. In the left hand column of the results page, there are data tables for your search term. For example at the top of the column, you can see the strength, sentiment, passion and reach of the search term across the social media environment. The other useful analytical data provided in this column include top related keywords, top users, top sources and information indicating whether sentiment is positive, negative or neutral. The Real Time Buzz Widget allows you to display what is trending in the social media world on your blog or website. Social Media allows you to install a search plugin to your web browser for easy access.

3. Facebook Search – This is Facebook’s internal search engine for friends on the social media platform. Users can search by name or email, by school and by company. The classmate search allows you to enter your school name along with class year and, optionally, a person’s name. The company search requires a company name and also provides an option to enter a person’s name. Results appear ranked by the number of mutual friends and personal data is included with the results including school, location and occupation. Below the main results is a listing of recent posts made by these friends along with results from the Bing search engine. You can filter the search results using selections like “Groups” and “Events.” Facebook Search is a powerful tool for finding customers, talent and others on the world’s most popular social networking service.

4. Twitter Advanced Search – Twitter has its own advanced search tool that allows you to search the entire Twittersphere for keywords, people and places. The search engine also provides the option of simply searching for positive :), negative 🙁 and question ? tweets. When searching by keyword, you can select results that include all the keywords entered, any of the words, none of the words, or by exact phrase. You can also check for keywords contained in hashtags and Twitter gives you the option of choosing the language for your search. The people search engine provides the options: “From these accounts,” “To these accounts” and “Mentioning these accounts.” The wide range of filtering possibilities even allows you to find people who express specific types of attitudes on topics or keywords.

5. Tweetmeme – A great tool for finding what’s trending on Twitter at the moment. While you can also see top trending topics on Twitter itself, Tweetmeme allows users to filter trends by categories and types. For example, you could check all trending topics or limit the list to news, image or video tweets. The topical categories include comedy, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, science, sports, technology, and world and business. There are also a number of channels available such as YouTube, Android and Small Business News. The channels provide the latest hot tweets on highly focused topics. For example, the Toyota Conversations channel lists the top tweets on Toyota car news. The service allows users to check the social media pulse on any subject and to incorporate the information in their marketing efforts. For example, they could use hot topics to choose search optimization topics or keywords for their microblogging posts.

There you have it! A highly requested deeper dive into the top 5 social media search tools taken from our Top 25 Social Media Tools list.  What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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