Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Media Analytics ToolsWhen you see the vast number of social media management tools available on the Internet, it’s easy to feel a little intimidated by the prospect of determining which program is best for your business. While you know that social media analytics are important, you might not know what to measure or how to tell what a particular figure means.

That’s why we’ve rated the top five social media analytics tools that provide the information you need. These programs distill data that’s relevant to your marketing plan, allowing you to figure out how to succeed with your audience. If you’re ready to simplify your marketing efforts and make your advertising more efficient, these are the tools to use.

1. EdgeRank Checker
Facebook users tend to interact with business pages through the Facebook News Feed system. The News Feed takes all of the posts from a user’s friends and fan pages and shows those that are most likely to be relevant to the user. To determine which posts to show first, Facebook developed an algorithm called EdgeRank. This algorithm calculates how likely a user is to be interested in a post by measuring things like interaction, connections and the time the post was made.

EdgeRank Checker is a social media analytics tool that lets you measure how well your posts are doing with your Facebook fans. With EdgeRank Checker, you’ll receive rankings for your posts that let you determine which updates have the best success. This simple tool can help you promote your messages to more fans and improve your level of engagement with customers.

2. Klout
Though your social media accounts could have large followings and active audiences, it’s tough to measure how much of an impact you’re really making. That’s where Klout comes in. Klout ranks social media influence for individual users and businesses. Each user receives a score between one and 100 that is based on 30 separate variables. Your influence is measured by looking at factors like the size of your Facebook and Twitter audiences, the types of content you create and how often people respond to your messages. It also measures the number of active users who follow you and the influence of people who respond to you.

A high Klout score is indicative of great influence over your social media followers. Many companies have paid users with high Klout scores to advertise or market for them in hopes of reaching wider audiences. Additionally, a high Klout score shows new customers that other people trust your business.

3. Twitalyzer
In many ways, Twitalyzer is similar to Klout because the two companies are affiliated. Like Klout, Twitalyzer uses more than 30 metrics to track users and to determine what matters to your followers. Klout’s service is free and they make money by connecting high-profile users with companies looking to reach new audiences. Twitalyzer is a paid service that is geared toward small companies and local businesses with less than 1000 employees. While Klout provides information about a user’s influence, Twitalyzer helps you learn more about your followers and the the things they care about.

Twitalyzer analyzes the Twitter streams of your followers and presents you with geographic information and data on trending topics. It allows you to group users by categories and locations in order to get the reports that matter most. With a variety of services available at different price points, Twitalyzer is a smart investment for companies that want to make sure they’re targeting customers in an effective way.

4. bitly
Formerly known as, popular URL-shortener bitly has become one of the most powerful social media analytics tools available. Users can put a website address into bitly and the program will return a shortened version that is easier to use as a link. The service is especially popular with Twitter users because of the limited character requirements. In addition to simplifying the process of sharing through social media, bitly also allows users to track their links. By using a bitly link, you’ll gain access to important statistics about the ways that people interact with your content.

Keep in mind that bitly links don’t expire and are impossible to change once they’ve been connected to a website. Companies can also develop personalized domains to use with their shortened links through bitly. A customized domain attached to a shortened link is a great way to promote your brand while also taking advantage of the bitly tracking tools.

5. (now PeopleBrowsr)
While tools like bitly allow you to measure the way people interact with the content you share, aka PeopleBrowsr lets you monitor Twitter messages on a deeper level. This powerful social media analytics tool allows you to search from a database of tweets that extends over the past three years. You can also group followers together based on the things they’re talking about. This social media analytics tool allows you to choose the terms you want to track and lets you find and group users who match your parameters. The tool can also distinguish between positive and negative comments, allowing you to see where your brand is succeeding and where it could improve.

There you have it. Our pick of the top 5 social media analytics tools based on our master list of the top 25 social media management tools.  Have you used any of the tools above? What do you love? What do you hate? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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