To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Twitter is on everyone’s mind recently. Your favorite stars are on Twitter, major announcements get made on Twitter, news stories are broken on Twitter. If it’s so popular, it must be a good idea to use, right?

Not so fast. We’ve talked in the past about how Tweeting is like punting a football into a crowd of people. Sometimes they’ll catch it and punt the ball back, and sometimes they won’t. Nedighalomen . It’s a very one-sided process. You don’t want to waste your precious time doing something that’s not going to get any results, right? Therefore, you need to weigh the pros and cons of Twitter before setting aside a chunk of your time to set it up.

First, figure out what your primary objective is for being on Twitter. Downwitemnoyris . What are you planning on getting out of it? If your answer is “Everyone else is doing it,” remember that old chestnut from your mother: “If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?”

Second, figure out if you’re going to be able to get your message out in 140 characters or less. Rambling Twitter messages look goofy and have a tendency to get ridiculed more than read. If you feel that you can’t be brief, then maybe Twitter isn’t for you.

If you can do those things while still maintaining a professional website, then by all means, take your company on Twitter! Keeping your business on the vanguard of technology can keep you in the public eye and drive more visitors to your site, and by extension, your company, but only if you do it right.