This Is Why Your Tweets Are Boring

Your Tweets Are BoringWith more than 300 million active users, Twitter has a lot of people who are regularly engaged that may want what your company has to offer. However, unless you know how to effectively get your message out there, you will not be able to take advantage of the free marketing opportunity that Twitter has to offer.

The majority of Tweets that people read on Twitter are not interesting and pretty much pointless. In fact, according to a recent survey by Carnegie Mellon University, only about 36 percent of Tweets were considered “worth reading” by Twitter users. This means that the overwhelming majority of Tweets simply are not worth wasting time on. Let’s apply this figure to your tweets alone: if only 36 percent of your Tweets are being read or are appreciated, then there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. If you could simply improve this to 50 percent of your Tweets being considered interesting, it could result in a big difference for your profitability.

The types of tweets declared the most boring by users include tweets about current mood, or activities. If you want to make your Tweets more enjoyable for the average follower and spark more interest in your Twitter feed, there are some basic steps you can take. By remembering a few important things before you Tweet, you can significantly improve the reception of your Tweets.


The timing of Tweets plays a role in how they are received. The active life of a Tweet is about 10 minutes. During this time, it will be at the top of follower’s time lines and can be responded to. The time of day and day of the week that a Tweet is sent will also have an impact on its effectiveness. Research has shown that tweets late in the day tend to be more effective than tweets early in the day (ET) and tweets on weekends have higher CTRs.

Provide Something of Value

When you’re trying to craft a message that other people will enjoy, try to think about how that message will be perceived by others. The key is to provide something of value to your followers. If you are randomly musing on an obscure topic, you may not provide any true value for your followers. Create tweets that provide useful information on topics that matter to your business and your followers. For example, if you’re talking about a particular type of commercial that you hate, do a little research and find some statistics that show it doesn’t work. For example, you could tweet something like, “Acme Research says screaming infomercials are only 15 percent as effective as other advertisements.” This would be much more valuable to followers than something like, “Man I hate screaming infomercials.”

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Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

One of the biggest problems on Twitter and other social networking sites is that many are trying others. If you are not unique, and simply copy the style or phrasing of your Tweets from others, chances are that your audience will start to tune you out. Try to be your own person and emit your own style. If you get in the habit of trying to be just like everyone else on Twitter, most of your followers won’t really have a reason to follow you anymore. Let your personality or your business’ personality shine through. You can decide whether that is a unique sense of humor, biting wit, randomness or something else. For example, if you mention something that you don’t like and then you put “#Fail” after it, you’ll be just like everyone else on Twitter. Instead, try to be more specific about why you didn’t like it or come up with your own joke about the subject matter. Even more you can ask your followers if they feel the same way you do.

Shoot for Interesting

Besides providing something of value and doing it in your own way, try to share information in various ways. People like to respond to interesting tweets much more than they do the average, run-of-the-mill Tweets. For example, in addition to article links, mix in some quotes, pictures or video links with your Tweets so that your followers get some other content that they can enjoy. You should even try retweeting other people’s content. People like a good mix of content instead of always seeing the same old things in Tweets.

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Include Occasional Promotions

If you’re tweeting so that you can grow your business or product sales, don’t hesitate to include some promotions occasionally. This does not mean that you should promote your product or service in every single message that you tweet. Instead, try to mix up your tweets with interesting content and promotional content as much as possible.

For example, you may want to tweet a link to a coupon or coupon code for one of your products or services to your followers. You may even consider running a contest where followers have to tweet something for a chance to win. As long as your promotional Tweets are spread out enough, your followers may truly appreciate the discount for your products or services.

Regardless of what methods you use to come up with content for your Tweets, just remember to stop and think before you tweet. In many cases, you can eliminate most of the problems with boring Tweets by just doing that. If you’re not practicing the above strategies with your tweets, chances are that your followers think you’re just plain boring!

What do you do to make your tweets interesting?

  • Good points. I especially agree with the ‘provide something of value’ point. I’m not sure why people need to share that they’re now eating breakfast.  
    As a B2B marketing consultant, I frequently encounter people who forget about these tips – even for a business. Thanks for the post.

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