The One Word that Summarizes the Future of E-Commerce

It’s no secret that the rules of e-commerce are always shifting. Unlike in the old days, you’re no longer marketing to the masses–you’re marketing to individuals. So let’s just cut to the chase. What’s the one concept to know that will dictate future growth for your e-commerce store? Customization.

The Luxury of Data

Much of the reason marketers are moving to a more customized approach is data. Sophisticated data and analysis software have become the norm for many businesses, allowing them to gain insights they never would have known in the past. With those detailed insights, the only thing to do is begin tweaking your strategy.

E-commerce consultant Mike Dragan stresses how advanced technology has paved the way for mass customization of clothing and other products at stores like Amazon and Zazzle. But if we take mass customization less literally, we can see how online stores are customizing their user experience to suit different demographics with different needs based on their data.

Getting Conversions

Another reason businesses are focusing on customization is that it can give conversion rates a serious boost. A study by Marketing Charts states “69% of North American marketers say dynamic, personalized content is important for their website.” Marketers are realizing that getting conversions will take more than surface-level thinking.

For example, a business offering musical instruments may have several unique target audiences, like new students, teachers, and professional musicians. Addressing all of these groups with the same message will likely result in missed conversion opportunities. Recommending products based on browsing history, past purchases, and email exchanges can help strengthen your conversion rates. For example, a customer who visits this store will appreciate how brass instruments are prioritized in the search results based on the company’s knowledge of their preferences. This is the foundation of a good user experience.

Heightened Expectations

We hate to say it, but your customers are spoiled. Social media, mobile-friendly websites and lightning fast online transactions have caused the average consumer’s expectations to jump. These demands no longer put you ahead of the curve to customize and track your users experience–it’s now the bare minimum. If your business isn’t up to speed with personalized transactions and user-friendly design, customers can do a quick Google search and find a competitor that is.

If you want your e-commerce store to truly cater to your customers, pay attention to your data. This information will reveal what customers want and don’t want. Changing to fit your visitors’ expectations will skyrocket your conversion rates. So don’t worry about hiring a top UX designer or pouring extra cash into your marketing plan. Instead, stay laser-focused to your customers’ needs–and customize.